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  1. -11-27-04 Ukraine Parliament Rejects Vote (
      "Ukraine's parliament rejected the Nov. 21 presidential election results, saying they didn't 'fully reflect people's will,' and accused the government of a 'massive violation of law.' ''

      "Parliament, also known as Verkhovna Rada, asked President Leonid Kuchma to declare the results void. The members asked Kuchma as well to fire the election committee and provide new committee candidates by Dec. 1. A total of 307 of 450 lawmakers supported all the resolutions passed today in a final vote."

      "Government and opposition leaders, facing nationwide demonstrations, agreed yesterday to try to negotiate a resolution after European Union leaders intervened. Polish President Aleksander Kwasniewski and EU Foreign Policy Chief Javier Solana met with Kuchma, Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych, and challenger Viktor Yushchenko."

      "Parliament will vote on Nov. 30 to change the election law to remove the most typical forms of vote fraud, such as multiple votes with absentee certificates, lawmaker Yuriy Kostenko said in an interview with Novy kanal television. The parliament will at the same time also try to set a date for a new presidential vote, most likely Dec. 12, he said." 11-04

  2. -11-28-04 East-West Conflict over the Ukraine (Christian Science Monitor)
      "Russian and Western leaders are sharply at odds over the election crisis that's bringing huge crowds to the streets of Kiev."

      "Supporters of pro-Western candidate Viktor Yushchenko - who allege the presidency was stolen through electoral fraud by the Kremlin-backed Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovich - and the phalanx of riot police they confront may be, in a sense, proxies for much larger global forces."

      "Each side may be primed to see the outcome of Ukraine's domestic tug of war as a global win or loss, rather than just a stage in a troubled post-Soviet country's development, experts say."

      "Some Western experts suggest the US and EU might also do well to back off a bit and develop an evolutionary strategy for helping Ukraine." 11-04

  3. -11-28-04 Ukraine - A Threat to Split (Guardian Unlimited)
      "Ukraine's electoral crisis threatened to split the country in two last night when leaders in the east voted to hold a referendum on regional autonomy, as the government ruled out the use of force to solve the week-long standoff."

      The Donetsk regional council voted 164-1 to hold the referendum this coming Sunday on giving the region the status of a republic within Ukraine. "' 11-04

  4. -11-28-04 Ukraine Questions and Answers (BBC News)
      "The election appears to be causing East-West friction."

      "Moscow - which dominated Ukraine in Soviet times - has played a significant role in the election, with President Putin publicly backing Mr Yanukovych."

      "Mr Putin rushed to congratulate the Ukrainian prime minister 'on the basis of exit polls' and his country has accused the West - especially the EU - of inciting violence by calling the election fraudulent."

      "The US criticised Russia for congratulating Mr Yanukovych before the final result was declared."

      "It also rejected the official result, saying 'credible' reports of fraud had to be investigated.'' 11-04

  5. -12-03-04 Ukrainian Court Nullifies Election Results (
      "Ukraine's Supreme Court threw out the results of last month's presidential election that showed Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych beat Viktor Yushchenko, and called for a new runoff to be held no later than Dec. 26." 12-04

  6. -12-08-04 Before and After Dioxin Poisoning (Toronto Star)
      "JULY: Ukrainian presidential candidate Viktor Yushchenko as he looked less than five months ago before being hit by a mystery illness. NOVEMBER: A shockingly altered Yushchenko as he appeared in Kiev." 12-04

  7. -12-08-04 Doctors: It Was Dioxin Poisoning (CBS News)
      "Ukrainian opposition leader Viktor Yushchenko called on Sunday for a serious investigation to determine how he was poisoned by dioxin, but urged it be conducted after the Dec. 26 presidential runoff election to avoid influencing the results."

      "Doctors at Vienna's elite Rudolfiner clinic said tests run over the weekend proved beyond a doubt that it was dioxin poisoning that caused a mystery illness in September that left Yushchenko disfigured and in pain." 12-04


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