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  1. 03-07-05 Chechen Leader Aslan Maskhadov (Guardian Unlimited)
      "Mr Maskhadov was elected president in 1997. Yet the brief period of de facto independence from Moscow proved problematic. Rival warlords carved the country up, and Mr Maskhadov's administration was poorly equipped to prevent a slide into savage anarchy. The Russian military reinvaded in 1999, achieving a swift victory." 3-05

  2. 03-07-05 Chechen Leader Killed by Russians (Guardian Unlimited)
      "The Russian military today said it had killed the Chechen rebel leader, Aslan Maskhadov, one of its most wanted men, in a 'special operation'." 3-05

  3. 05-10-04 Chechnya President Killed (Fox News)
      "The Kremlin-backed president of Chechnya (search) and more than 20 other people were killed Sunday when a bomb ripped through the VIP section at a stadium where Chechens were marking the defeat of the Nazis in World War II, officials said." 5-04

  4. Chechnya Profile (BBC News)
      "The southern Russian republic of Chechnya is surrounded on nearly all sides by Russian territory but also shares with neighbouring Georgia a remote border high in the Caucasus mountains."

  5. Chechnya Timeline (BBC News)
      Provides a timeline of key events, starting with 1858.

  1. Chechnya News (American Committee for Peace in Chechnya)
      Provides news stories regarding the war between Chechnya and Russia. Chechnya is fighting for independence from Russia. ACPC is "dedicated to promoting a peaceful resolution of the war in Chechnya." 6-02

  2. Chechnyan Leader Dies Fighting for Justice (
      "Indeed, [Natalia] Estemirova's determined efforts over the past decade to uncover and document extrajudicial killings, torture, disappearances and kidnappings in Chechnya have made her many enemies, including Chechen strongman Ramzan Kadyrov, the republic's Kremlin-backed president. She had also become a thorn in the side of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, who, as former president, had presided over the Second Chechen War, which began in 1999 and ended in 2002." 07-09

  1. Chechnya - Checheno-Ingush Republic (Information Please)
      Provides a brief history of the Chechnya region. 11-99


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