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  1. 02-24-04 Putin Fires Prime Minister (Fox News)
      "In a bold step that removed a last major holdover from the days of Boris Yeltsin, President Vladimir Putin (search) dismissed his prime minister and all other Cabinet ministers Tuesday, saying he reshuffled the government in preparation for next month's presidential vote."

      "Putin said the ouster of Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov (search) was designed to put his next government in place in advance of the March 14 balloting." 2-04

  2. 09-04-04 Putin: Attack Against Russia (CNN News)
      "Russian President Vladimir Putin has called the hostage massacre in Beslan an attack on the entire country and made a surprising admission of weakness in the face of terrorism." 8-04

  3. 09-04-04 School Siege Ends in Many Deaths (CBS News)
      "More than 340 people, including 155 children, were killed in the violence that ended a hostage standoff with militants at a southern Russian school, a prosecutor said Saturday. President Vladimir Putin accused the attackers of trying to spark an ethnic conflict that would engulf Russia's troubled Caucasus Mountains region."

      " 'Even alongside the most cruel attacks of the past, this terrorist act occupies a special place because it was aimed at children,' he said during a meeting with regional officials, which was broadcast on Russian television." "Putin called Saturday for a new approach to law enforcement in the wake of the school hostage crisis, and pledged the reform would be in accordance with the nation's constitution."

      "Putin said international terrorists had declared "a full-scale war" against Russia, and that due to the collapse of the Soviet Union, the nation was weakened and unable to respond as effectively as it must." 8-04

  4. 09-15-04 Moher Makes Impossible Choice (CNN News)
      "After more than 24 hours in captivity in Beslan School No. 1 with her two daughters, Anetta had to make a choice."

      "The hostage-takers had struck a deal with a Russian negotiator to let a small group of mothers leave the school with their infants, but any older children would have to stay." 9-04


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