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  1. -Senator Kerry Discusses Afghanistan's Progress (CNN News)
      Senator John Kerry discusses President Karzai, insufficient governance, and U.S. progress in Afghanistan. 08-10

  1. Rebuilding Afghanistan News (
      Provides news on the rebuilding of Afghanistan.

  1. -Afghan Women and the Return of the Taliban (
      " 'When we talk about women's rights,' Jamalzadah says, 'we are talking about things that are important to men as well men who want to see Afghanistan move forward. If you sacrifice women to make peace, you are also sacrificing the men who support them and abandoning the country to the fundamentalists that caused all the problems in the first place.' " 07-10

  2. -Karzai Loses Key Ally in McChrystal (
      "The day after the sacking of General Stanley McChrystal, the commander of U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan, a variety of reactions emerged. His replacement at the head of what is officially called the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) by General David Petraeus calmed the nerves of some and inspired hope in others. But many in the Afghan capital most likely including President Hamid Karzai, who considered McChrystal his chief American ally are deeply pessimistic about what's to come." 06-10

  3. Why Karzai Is Pushing Back (
      "But bizarre as his behavior may seem, there may be a method in Karzai's madness. For one thing, he has begun denouncing the Western powers in his country because he knows he can Karzai would have been cut adrift some time ago if there were any other viable alternative on whom the U.S. could pin its strategy. The wily President knows that the presence of foreign forces in his country is deeply unpopular, particularly when civilians are killed in the course of NATO military operations. Karzai, moreover, is humiliated and shown to be powerless when his protestations over such operations are ignored by his Western patrons. So while he may have been installed by a U.S.-led invasion, if Karzai is to survive the departure of Western forces, he will have to reinvent himself as a national leader with an independent power base. He's obviously determined not to go the way of Mohammad Najibullah, the former Soviet-backed leader who was executed by the Taliban seven years after the Red Army withdrew. So from Karzai's point of view, he's pushing back against the U.S. not only because he can, but also because he must if he is to survive politically." 04-10


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