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  1. Afghanistan One Year Later (CBS News)
      "The war in Afghanistan has claimed 39 American lives, including 16 during combat or other hostile situations. About 10,000 U.S. soldiers remain in Afghanistan, hunting for terrorists and helping the interim government of President Hamid Karzai." 10-02

  2. Bombs and Food (Economist)
      Provides a British view of the American bombing in Afghanistan and discusses the need for food. Includes a map showing how many people are at risk of starvation in each part of the country. 10-01
  3. Brave Children of Afghanistan (BBC News - Miron)
      "There was no furniture, no cupboards, no spare clothes left hanging, not even any glass in the windows - just cardboard. And no fire to keep them warm at night." "Nasim earns about 30,000 Afghanis a day - about $1 - cleaning shoes. With that he buys the basics for his family, mostly just bread and sugar." Like many other children in Afghanistan, Nasim is literally the family breadwinner.

      "I asked him how he felt about his situation. 'I am happy and not happy,' he told me. 'Happy because I work, but not happy because I cannot earn enough to bring my family everything they need.' " 7-02


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