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  1. Afghanistan Battle Grounds Map (BBC News)
      Provides a map of Afghanistan with updated results on which group controls major cities. 11-01. Also spelled battlegrounds.

  2. Locations of Afghan Refugees (Guardian Unlimited)
      Provides a map of refugee movements and locations. (Uses Macromedia Flash format.) 10-01

  1. Getting Food to the Children (
      Discusses the great efforts relief agencies are taking to ensure that food and other essential supplies reach those who need it most, especially children. "Mansour [of the World Food Program] said: 'United States is the largest supporter of the WFP Afghan operations. For our last operation they provided nearly 90 percent of the food and support we needed.'" 10-01

  2. Karzai - An Interview with Hamid Karzai (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
      Provides an interview with Hamid Karzai, a Pashtun tribal leader allied with the former King Mohammad Zahir Shah. Karzai said that, after the Taliban are removed from power, Afghanistan will need help from the international community to rebuild. However, speaking of the factions before the Taliban were in power, he said 'If the foreign intervention does not stop in Afghanistan from all around, terrorism will not end in Afghanistan. This message should be heard clearly by the international community.' 10-01

  3. Landmines in Afghanistan (BBC News - George)
      Describes the landmine situation in Afghanistan and provides a chart comparing it with other countries with landmines. 12-01

  4. Leaders of Afghanistan (Christian Science Monitor)
      Describes interim leaders of Afghanistan until a new government can be formed. Includes Hamid Karzai, Yunu Qanooni, Abdullah Abdullah, and Muhammad Quassim Fahim.12-01

  5. Mullah Mohammed Omar (BBC News)
      Provides a short profile and picture of the leader of the Taliban of Afghanistan. (Sometimes spelled Taleban.)

  6. Oppression of Women in Afghanistan ( - Shorish-Shamley)
      "The current oppression of women in Afghanistan is due to politics and ignorance, not Islam!" 10-01

  7. Osama Bin Laden's Plan (Time)
      Provides a summary of what Osama bin Laden is trying to achieve. 11-99

  8. Taliban of Afghanistan (CNN)
      Provides a short summary and links related to the Taliban. (Sometimes spelled Taleban.)

  9. UN Fears After Fall of Taliban (Guardian Unlimited)
      Discusses the future role of the United Nations in Afghanistan. 10-01

  10. UN Representatives to Afghanistan (BBC News)
      Provides a short profile and picture of Francesc Vendrell, responsible for gaining collaboration from different factions within Afghanistan to form a new, broad-based government. Also includes a picture of Lakhdar Brahimi, the UN's representative to gain cooperation among nations regarding Afghanistan's new government. 11-01


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