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  1. Five Solutions for Sudan by Dr. John Garang (
      "A transformed, democratic Sudan that belongs to all its people. A Sudan where the Religion and State are constitutionally separated, and where freedoms, liberty, equality, and human rights are granted and respected. A Sudan that is similar to the New South Africa. John Garang stressed that this is the ideal model the SPLM/A has been formed and been fighting to achieve since its foundation in 1983. He said that through negotiation with the current government it was clear that this model is not feasible, and so they are negotiating to achieve model 2." 08-05

  2. Garang, John (BBC News)
      "John Garang was a government army officer sent to quell a mutiny of 500 southern troops who were resisting orders to be shipped north. It took him 21 years to come back."

      "Thus began the story of the Sudan People's Liberation Army, which fought one of Africa's longest-running wars between the Christian and animist South and the Muslim, Arab-speaking North." 08-05


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