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  1. 07-26-03 People of Liberia Desparately Need U.S. Help (Indpendent - Walsh)
      "Nigeria has promised peacekeeping troops within a week, and the US made another baby step to an offer of concrete assistance. But for some Monrovians that help will come too late."

      " 'One week is like one million years to us,' said Benedict Gray. 'I thought Liberia was part of the international community. But we have been deserted by the whole world.' " 7-03

  2. 08-03-03 U.N. Votes to Send Peacekeepers to Liberia (
      "The U.N. Security Council (search) voted late Friday to authorize a multinational force to help end fighting in war-battered Liberia and maintain security after President Charles Taylor (search) steps down." 8-03

  3. 08-11-03 Liberia's Historical U.S. Ties (BBC - Westcott)
      "The United States is coming under increasing international pressure to intervene in the fierce fighting in Liberia. The US has long historical and cultural ties with the West African nation but, over the years, it has become increasingly disengaged from it." 8-03

  4. 08-11-03 Liberian Ex-President Charles Taylor Profile (BBC - Doyle)
      "When, as president in 1999, he faced accusations from the United Nations that he was a gun runner and a diamond smuggler, he addressed a mass prayer meeting clothed from head to foot in angelic white." 8-03

  5. 08-11-03 Liberian President Moses Blah Profile (BBC)
      "This is a very simple man." "When Liberian President Charles Taylor lost his Vice President Enoch Dogolea in June 2000, and the public were speculating about who could possibly replace him many people - including myself - did not think of Moses Blah." 8-03

  6. 08-24-03 U.S. Marines Leave Liberia (CNN News)
      "A force of 150 U.S. Marines has left Liberia and returned to ships sailing near the coast, where they will remain for the immediate future, U.S. military officials told CNN Sunday."

      "The departure of the Quick Reaction Force leaves the peacekeeping mission there in the hands of 1,500 Nigerian troops."

      "The Nigerians are the vanguard of a West African force that is expected to maintain the peace and control the distribution of humanitarian aid throughout the war-torn country, the officials said." 8-03


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