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  1. Agent Characters (MS Agent Ring)
      Provides characters to go with text-to-speech functions in Internet Explorer. Warning: Some characters, such as "Joe" and "Kitty," have caused some serious problems with the Awesome Talkster program and should be avoided. 9-02

  1. Agents for Text-to-Speech (
      Provides text-to-speech voices. The Microsoft agents, the Buttercup agent, and the Max agent are recommended for good compatibility with Windows. 02-07

  2. Agents for Text-to-Speech (
      Provides text-to-speech voices. 8-03

Purchase Resources
  1. Agent Resources ( - MASH)
      Provides Microsoft Agent Scripting Helper to gain control over text-to-speech characters without programming skills. Awesome Library does not endorse this product, but provides it as an example. 9-02


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