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  1. Sell iPhones (
      Provides a market for selling iphones. 09-12

  2. Sell iPhones (
      Provides a market for selling iphones. 09-12

  3. iPhones and Alternatives (Time Magazine)
      "The new iPhone 3G should please everyone. Its look and feel are only slightly improved, but a faster network loads Web pages more quickly, true GPS functionality allows it to easily find places nearby, and the new $199 price (down from $400) makes it an affordable luxury."

      "Before deciding whether to buy, however, make sure you can actually take advantage of the iPhone 3G's high-speed data network."

      "Personally, I'm holding out for the new handsets that will run on Google's Android operating system due out later this year. Android phones will be carrier agnostic, so I won't be shackled to the AT&T network, and the phone's add-on apps are likely to be less expensive (and possibly even free). That's the promise, anyway. I'll know for sure once I get my hands on one." 07-08

  1. Applications to Scan Items Using a Smartphone (MSNBC News)
      "Don't be — if you've got an iPhone or Android smart phone. With a wide range of special Black Friday apps and more general-purpose shopping apps now available, you can cast your concern aside and venture forth knowing that a better deal could be just a tap and a swipe away." 11-10

  2. Review of iPhone 4 (
      "The Retina Display is a revelation to behold. Aside from the glass back piece and the steel band, the display is the first thing you notice. It's what attracts strangers to saunter on over from the other side of the bar to verify with their own eyes what they think it is that I have. Images, text, colors and everything in between pop off the screen from any angle. The pixel density is absolutely bonkers. Text rendering is silky smooth and watching HD content is a pleasure." 06-10

  3. Why Google's Schmidt Resigned from Apple's Board (
      "Given a choice between using the browser and using native apps, for most iPhone users there was no choice. Native apps won, hands down. With more than 65,000 apps available for the iPhone today, some pundits speculate that apps use, rather than Web use, will be where all the action is within a decade."

      "That threatens to marginalize Google, limiting its growth. The mobile world is becoming bifurcated: On one side sits the Google-dominated, browser-based Web and its related Web apps. On the other sits native applications that you download to the iPhone (and other closed-platform phones), that keep the user occupied and contained in a world that's as cut off from Google as is Facebook, another Google bęte noire." 07-09


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