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  1. Xoom Tablet and Atrix 4G Smartphone (
      "The [Xoom] tablet is already fast enough with its dual-core Tegra 2 chip to play HD video, which was much more in evidence on the 1280x800 screen. Motorola reps reminded us that the 16:10 ratio screen helped address complaints about thumb typing on devices like the iPad: it's narrower and thus easier to reach the full keyboard with your thumbs, but it's still very large when watching movies in landscape."

      "The Atrix 4G we had real if brief time to use. While 4G speeds weren't available to gauge, the NVIDIA Tegra 2 isn't quite as fast as it might seem. Based on a quick navigation around the main interface, the phone still had a slight stutter for visual transitions. We also have misgivings about continuing to use Blur; the Atrix 4G is a power user's phone, and the UI not only gets in the way but will invariably delay upgrades to Android 2.3 or later."

      "The notebook add-on itself is fairly well thought-out and hides the docked phone in the back. It uses a well spaced chiclet-style keyboard and a fairly colorful 11.6-inch display; we were surprised to see some cleverly hidden speakers on the back corners." 01-11

  2. 20 Recommended Android Applications (
      Recommends 20 applications. 02-11

  3. 3G Cell Phone Services (
      "Simply put, 3G cellular technology will bring wireless broadband data services to your mobile phone. Boasting speeds from 144Kbps (roughly three times faster than a 56K dial-up modem connection) to 2.4Mbps (close to cable-modem speed), 3G networks let you speed through Web pages, enjoy streaming music video, watch on-demand video programming, download and play 3D games, and videoconference with your fellow chatterers. There's even an up-and-coming 3.5G standard called HSDPA that boosts speeds to as fast as 7.2 Mbps, (with promises of 14.4 Mbps speeds in the near future)." 07-08

  4. 3G Cell Phone Services (
      "3G technology is the latest in mobile communications. 3G stands for 'third generation' -- this makes analog cellular technology generation one and digital/PCS generation two. 3G technology is intended for the true multimedia cell phone -- typically called smartphones -- and features increased bandwidth and transfer rates to accommodate Web-based applications and phone-based audio and video files." 07-08

  5. 3G Cell Phone Services (
      "3G technologies enable network operators to offer users a wider range of more advanced services while achieving greater network capacity through improved spectral efficiency. Services include wide-area wireless voice telephony, video calls, and broadband wireless data, all in a mobile environment. Additional features also include HSPA data transmission capabilities able to deliver speeds up to 14.4Mbit/s on the downlink and 5.8Mbit/s on the uplink." 07-08

  6. A Kill Switch for Smartphones (CBS News)
      "As cell phones get more sophisticated, thefts have skyrocketed. On Monday, a New York congressman said he plans to sponsor a bill requiring a "kill switch" on new phones to make them useless to thieves." 03-14

  7. Android Surpassing iPhone (
      "After nearly reinventing the smartphone space with the now-ubiquitous iPhone, Apple has finally seen its stampede of buyers surpassed by an even bigger horde: Those chasing Android-powered devices." 10-10

  8. Applications to Scan Items Using a Smartphone (MSNBC News)
      "Don't be if you've got an iPhone or Android smart phone. With a wide range of special Black Friday apps and more general-purpose shopping apps now available, you can cast your concern aside and venture forth knowing that a better deal could be just a tap and a swipe away." 11-10

  9. Compare Smartphones (
      Find phone then compare them. 01-11

  10. Five Alternatives to the iPhone (U.S. News)
      "Alternatives to Apple's popular handset all come with a touch-screen similar to the iPhone's. It's hard to beat Apple's user-friendly software, but these rivals offer unique features, from 3-D graphics to on-the-go television. Here are five promising competitors:" 07-08

  11. How to Use Your Phone as a Laptop Modem (
      "Using your Bluetooth-enabled cell phone as a modem for Internet access on your laptop is great in a pinch when there's no wi-fi service available or your regular Internet service goes down. The main benefit of using Bluetooth instead of a USB cable for tethering is that you can keep your cell phone in your bag or pocket and still make the connection. Here are instructions for using your 3G phone as a Bluetooth modem, based on both basic Bluetooth pairing instructions and information from the Bluetooth SIG, a trade association of companies associated with Bluetooth products." 06-13

  12. LG Unveils World's First 3-D Smartphone (CNN News)
      "Alternatives to Apple's popular handset all come with a touch-screen similar to the iPhone's. It's hard to beat Apple's user-friendly software, but these rivals offer unique features, from 3-D graphics to on-the-go television. Here are five promising competitors:" 07-08

  13. New 4G Smartphones (
      "At a special press conference today, Verizon rolled out the new Android devices, including four smartphones, two tablets, two mobile hotspots and two notebooks. Though the company refused to name prices or service rates for the new devices, the first to be released will hit the market in March." 01-10

  14. Samsung 4G LTE smartphone vs. the LG Revolution vs. the HTC ThunderBolt (
      "Although these three handsets share a lot of their features, there are still some notable differences that deserve to be mentioned. For example, you might be interested to know that only Samsung's 4G LTE smartphone (geez, that name!) is the only one of the three to feature the fancy Super AMOLED Plus screen technology, which will bring incredibly saturated colors and great viewing angles. On the other hand, the LG Revolution manages to set itself apart by offering the latest Bluetooth 3.0 version. And finally, the HTC ThunderBolt should never be overlooked as it pack the latest edition of the mighty Sense UI." 01-11

  15. Samsung Galaxy Note II Review (
      "Samsung delivers a powerful, boundary-pushing device that gets a lot right. Yet its complicated features and high price raise questions about its purpose." 01-13

  16. Smartphone Android Applications (
      "Read on for all the apps, accessories, and tips you should be investigating right this very second" for a smartphone. 12-10

  17. Study: Most Americans Don't Have Smartphones (CNN News)
      "Only 17 percent of Americans own a smartphone, a Forrester study finds." 09-10

  18. Verizon 4G: Fast But Expensive (
      "Verizon's new 4G service is live and it's fast. I've been testing out one of the two devices that'll be available this Sunday, the $99 LG VL600 USB modem, and I can honestly say that it blurs the line between lower-tier home broadband plans from the likes of Comcast and Time Warner."

      "The problem is that Verizon's 4G data is capped at 5 or 10 gigabytes of usage per month, depending on the plan ($50 per month and $80 per month, respectively). This is a really odd move, as competing 4G providers aren't capping usage at all." 12-10

  19. Wake Lock (
      "Wake Lock gives you control over the Android Power- and WifiManager."

      "For example, you can force the PowerManager to keep the screen on or have the CPU still running in standby mode or make sure the Wifi connection keeps running at full performance. You can use it on any android phone or tablet. Use it to keep the screen on in full brightness or dimmed mode during movies or slideshows." 5-13

  20. iPhones and Alternatives (Time Magazine)
      "The new iPhone 3G should please everyone. Its look and feel are only slightly improved, but a faster network loads Web pages more quickly, true GPS functionality allows it to easily find places nearby, and the new $199 price (down from $400) makes it an affordable luxury."

      "Before deciding whether to buy, however, make sure you can actually take advantage of the iPhone 3G's high-speed data network."

      "Personally, I'm holding out for the new handsets that will run on Google's Android operating system due out later this year. Android phones will be carrier agnostic, so I won't be shackled to the AT&T network, and the phone's add-on apps are likely to be less expensive (and possibly even free). That's the promise, anyway. I'll know for sure once I get my hands on one." 07-08


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