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International Calls

  1. International Calls on the Cheap (New York Times)
      "The first thing you’ll need is an unlocked mobile phone — that is, a phone that’s not tied to one particular carrier. (In the United States, some carriers will unlock your phone if you ask; abroad, most phones come already unlocked.) Then, whenever you arrive in a new country, you can buy a local SIM card (the tiny, interchangeable chip inside the phone that actually lets you connect to a particular carrier; they’re sold at mobile phone stores and kiosks for $2 to $25, depending on the country) and make phone calls and send text messages without paying exorbitant international roaming fees."

      "Simple enough. But for folks back home to reach you, you’ll need Skype."

      "Two weeks ago, Google announced a new service called Google Voice that operates much like Skype — only cheaper!" 03-09


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