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  1. Review of Droids (
      Recommends the HTC Incredible if using Verizon. 04-10

  1. 20 Recommended Android Applications (
      Recommends 20 applications. 02-11

  2. Android Applications (
      "The Android Market pales in comparison to Apple's App Store based on number of apps, but that doesn't mean the quality of apps available to Android users aren't up to snuff. We've listed 12 18 apps that cover a wide range of interests and genres but is not indicative of the Android Market as a whole."
    • Droid 2 Phone Review (
        "Perhaps our biggest hardware concern, actually, is entirely internal: signal strength was a major issue for all four Engadget editors who've been able to spend time with four different Droid 2s in different parts of the country this week. Symptoms include a wildly fluctuating meter while the phone's sitting still, weak or no reception in places where you're usually fine on Verizon, and a complete lack of data service (which was actually how we noticed the problem the first time). We're used to seeing 3G drop to EDGE, GPRS, or disappear completely on our iPhones on AT&T, but it's a rarity on Verizon -- so to see our Droid 2's data indicator flip-flop from EV-DO to 1xRTT and then disappear entirely was really alarming." 09-10

    • Droid 2 Phone Review (Infosyncworld)
        "If you want a Droid, but don't know which one to get, the Motorola Droid 2 is probably the safest bet. It offers enough improvements from the original, including Android 2.2, a faster 1GHz TI processor, more RAM, larger, revamped QWERTY slider, and very impressive battery life. If you're a Multimedia junkie, then Motorola Droid X is probably the answer." 09-10

    • Droid X Camera Instructions (
        Provides instructions. 08-10

    • Droid X Phone Review (Infosyncworld)
        "Call it an iPhone killer—a device that makes the HTC EVO 4G shake in its boots. The Motorola Droid X is by far the most powerful Android phone we've tested to date, and our consensus is that it can't really get any better than this within the wide world of smartphones at the present moment." 09-10

    • Droid X Review (
        "Here's a look at the Droid X reviews -- the good, the bad, and its uncertain future." 08-10

    • Droid X Review (
        "The Motorola DROID X, again on Verizon Wireless in the US, scales up the screen, the camera and the processor, while simultaneously slimming down in the hand; it also faces strong competition from HTC, Samsung and others. Has Motorola done enough second-time around? Check out the full SlashGear review after the cut." 07-10

    • Editorial: Droid X Is the Best Android Phone for Verizon (
        "As the current owner of a Google Nexus One, I feared that Droid X and its 4.3-inch display would be too large for my small hands. I’m glad that Motorola proved me wrong — even with my small 5’5? frame, the Droid X turns out to be quite comfortable to use and carry. The main reason is the width of the device." 08-10

    • Editorial: Fascinate v Droid X for Verizon (Digital Trends)
        "Not by much, but we prefer the Droid X, primarily because of its faster, more reliable Web connection and brighter screen for browsing, as well as the surety of the physical control keys. The quirky backlighting on the Fascinate’s touch controls and hidden @ symbol also serve as dismerits, but these are admittedly personal preferences. Your choice is likely to be equally subjective. For instance, if you’re outdoors a lot, and shoot a lot of photos and video, the Fascinate is a better option. While heavier, the Droid X feels more substantial and less fragile, which may be a deciding factor for executives and self-admitted klutzes. For the less-than-anal-retentive who don’t always charge their phones every night, the Fascinate’s more robust battery life will be a life saver. In other words, there is room for two heavyweights in the Verizon superphone ring – until the iPhone shows up to challenge both." 09-10

    • Google Provides Android Operating System for Smartphones (ABC News)
        " 'The beauty and the magic of this Android platform is a very rich tool kit for third parties to write applications and then bring them to market,' he said."

        "On Tuesday, the companies highlighted two applications that will be available at launch: ShopSavvy and Ecorio." 07-09

    • Google Reveals Nexus One (
        "On the hardware front, the Nexus One has an aluminum unibody-like frame. The 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor is blazingly fast. The AMOLED screen should conserve battery power, but it's too soon to say. The key factor with the Nexus One's screen is its width. All other Android devices including the Droid have a narrow screen, which, in turn, gives users a cramped keyboard in portrait view. I would have preferred to see HTC's Sense keyboard rather than the generic Android keyboard, though." 01-10

    • Guide to Android Phones (
        "Ready to get started with your Android phone? This walk-through will have you up and running in no time." 01-11

    • HTC Incredible Reviews (
        HTC provides reviews from other sources. 08-10

    • Motorola's Droid X Applications (
        "Bringing effortless sync between all your devices and computers, Dropbox is one of the best free Droid X Apps available on the Android market today." 02-11

    • Motorola's Droid X Applications (
        "Here are 12 top-notch Droid X apps to help you get started. If this is your first Android phone, you may also want to check out my beginner's guide to getting around Android. And once you're ready to explore even further, this list of 40 Android tips and tricks should come in handy, too." 01-11

    • Motorola's Droid X Review (
        "With its superphone specifications, the Droid X represents the new bleeding-edge normal, and is the best Verizon Android phone yet. But this superlative may be short-lived. Its individual capabilities hover close to the iPhone 4 and EVO, and may be surpassed by the Galaxy S Fascination thanks to its superior AMOLED screen." 07-10

    • Movies on a Droid X (
        "So first you should be clear about what kinds of formats are supported by your Droid X. Here I list all the supported video/audio formats playable on Motorola Droid X." 01-11

    • Movies on a Droid X: Problems with Blockbuster (
        "While Blockbuster deserves some credit for bringing 125,000 movies to the Droid X and even offering an option to queue movies for Blockbuster by Mail customers, the overall experience is nothing more than a complete failure. The mere list of issues go on and on: no HDMI output, expensive prices, no streaming, slow downloads, and WiFi restrictions." 01-11

    • Samsung Galaxie S Review (
        "Here we have photos and live video of the Samsung Fascinate for Verizon Wireless, a Galaxy S based Android 2.1 smartphone that features Samsung TouchWiz 3.0 user interface. The Vibrant sports a 4-inch WVGA Super AMOLED touchscreen display, a 5 megapixel autofocus camera with flash that shoots 720p HD video, and a 1GHz Samsung Hummingbird processor that runs on the same core architecture as the Qualcomm Snapdragon: ARM's Cortex-A8. This EV-DO Rev. A capable 3G CDMA(INFO) device will ship with a 16GB microSD memory card when it hits retail shelves." 07-10

    • Samsung's Fascinate for Verizon (
        Provides specifications for the phone. 07-10

    • Samsung's Galaxy S (
        "The Android smartphone segment keeps getting stronger, and the Samsung Galaxy S looks set to be a key player in 2010. Not only does it get the company’s coveted Super AMOLED display, but a 1GHz processor, 720p HD video recording and plenty of wireless connectivity. Now freshly announced as incoming to Verizon as the Fascinate, T-Mobile USA as the Vibrant and of course AT&T as the Captivate, the Galaxy S is certainly spreading itself around. Is this Android’s answer to the iPhone 4? Check out the full SlashGear review after the cut." 07-10

    • Side-by-Side Comparisons of Android Phones (Infosyncworld)
        Select phones to compare. 09-10

    • Verizon Alternatives: HTC Incredible vs. Motorola Droid X (
        "Between the two, we prefer the display on the Motorola DROID X, due to its larger size, accurate colors, excellent resolution, and usability in sunlight."

        " We ran the Quadrant benchmark program on both, which tests the CPU, memory, I/O, 2D and 3D graphics, and got a score of 1263 on the DROID X, while the Droid Incredible got a significantly lower score of 523." 08-10


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