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Sheehan, Cindy

  1. -02-01-06 Sheehan Arrested for Wearing "Message" T-Shirt at Capitol (MSNBC News)
      Cindy Sheehan was arrested for wearing a T-shirt with the message “2245 Dead. How many more?” at the State of the Union speech of President Bush. The wife of Congressman Bill Young was ejected for wearing a T-shirt with the message “Support the Troops — Defending Our Freedom.” 01-06

  1. -08-18-05 Sheehan Vigils (
      "On Wednesday, August 17, hundreds of thousands of supporters gathered at 1,627 vigils in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. The vigils were the largest event we've organized. From Alaska to Florida, Maine to Mississippi, Oregon to South Carolina and New York to Texas — we gathered together to acknowledge the sacrifices made by Cindy Sheehan, her son, Casey and the more than 1,800 brave American men and women who have given their lives in Iraq—and their moms and families. Thank you so much for participating and making these vigils a success." 8-05

  2. -08-18-05 Sheehan, Antiwar Icon (ABC News)
      "In the 11 days since she set up camp just down the road from President Bush's ranch in Crawford, Texas, Cindy Sheehan has gone from grieving mother and average American to the face of the country's increasingly boisterous antiwar movement." 8-05

  3. -08-18-05 The Other Face of Grieving Mothers (ABC News)
      "But not everyone supports Sheehan's mission. 'Good Morning America' talked to two mothers who lost sons in Iraq and think the protests are an insult to other soldiers still serving." 8-05

  4. Editorial: Sheehan an Effective Anti-War Symbol (WorldNet Daily - Buchanan)
      "As a Gold Star mother of a soldier son slain in Iraq, Sheehan has authenticity and moral authority. Wedded to the passion of her protest, these make her a magnet for a bored White House press corps camped in Crawford for August. Cindy and the president are the only stories in town."

      "September could see the coalescing of an anti-war movement that both bedevils the White House and divides a Democratic Party that seeks to benefit from a losing war, without having to offer a plan to win it or end it, without being held accountable for having supported it, or responsible for undercutting it." 8-05


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