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House Churches

  1. House Church (HouseChurch Central)
      "The house church is the biblical church. All of the churches in the New Testament era were small assemblies that met in homes. While setting up institutional forms of 'church' may or may not provide a way to honor God, the movement toward the institution and the human authority that tends to accompany hierarchical institutional structure are not theologically neutral." 01-07

  2. House Church (
      "House church is an informal term for a group of Christians gathering regularly or spontaneously in a home or on grounds not normally used for worship services, instead of a building dedicated to the purpose. Another term with the same meaning is 'home church'." 01-07

  3. House Church Directory (HouseChurch Central)
      Allows a search by city in the USA, Canada, and Ausralis. 01-07


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