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  1. Anglicans (
      "Anglicanism is a tradition of Christian faith. Churches in this tradition either have historical connections to the Church of England or have similar beliefs, worship and church structures."

  1. Anglican (Episcopal) Church - Book of Common Prayer (Howell)
      Provides an online version of the book that forms one of the foundations for the Church. 10-00

  2. Anglican (Episcopal) Church - Historical Timeline (Angican Communion - Anglican Domain)
      Provides summaries of periods in the history of the Church. 10-00

  3. Anglican (Episcopal) Church - History (Angican Communion - Anglican Domain)
      Provides a brief history. 10-00

  4. Anglican (Episcopal) Communion (Angican Communion - Anglican Domain)
      Provides an explanation of the Anglican Communion, the organizing body of the Church. 10-00

  5. Dissent Among Episcopalians Over Gay Bishops Continues (CBS News)
      "Top British Anglican leaders are bringing new pressure on the Episcopal General Convention to enact a ban on electing gay bishops before the assembly ends next week." 06-06


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