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Black History

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  1. -Black History Resources (Seacoast NH)
      Provides over two dozen carefully chosen links to explore Black History. 9-05

  2. African American Studies (Dinar)
  3. Black History - New Hampshire (SeacoastNH)
      Provides sources of information related to black history on the eastern seacoast, especially New Hampshire.

  4. Black/African American Related Resources (Adinar)
  1. African-American History (
      Teachers provide tutorials on videos. 09-12

  1. -African-American History (Library of Congress)
      Uses treasures, key historical documents in the Library of Congress, to weave a story on the history of African-Americans in the United States. 2-01

  2. African Americans in World War II (History Place)
      Provides pictures of African Americans who served with distinction during World War II.

  3. African-American Pamphlets (1818 - 1907)
  4. African-American Travel Guide for the 1950's (CNN News)
      ""The Green Book," as it was known, was first published in 1936. Initially, it pointed out friendly restaurants and hotels in New York. It eventually expanded to include everything from lodging and gas stations to tailor shops and doctor's offices across the nation, as well as in Bermuda, Mexico and Canada." 02-11

  5. Black Facts Online
      Provides brief historical news by searchable date.

  6. Black History (US Post Office)
  7. Black History - 19th Century African Americans (Bright)
      Provides a picture and a short biography of this influential 19th Century African American. 2-01

  8. Black History - Black Patriots of the Revolution (SeacoastNH)
      Provides a short summary of sections of "Colored Patriots of the Revolution" by Nell. Recounts events by a biography of the mid-1800's.

  9. Black History - First Blacks of Portsmouth 1 (SeacoastNH)
      "Valerie Cunningham traces African American history from 1645 through the first harsh century of slavery."

  10. Civil Rights Timeline (
      Provides milestones in the civil rights movement in the United States. 1-05

  11. Douglass, Frederick (Awesome Library)
      Provides biographical information on one of the most influential persons in the Civil War period. He was also a personal friend of Abraham Lincoln. 8-05

  12. First Blacks of Portsmouth 2 (SeacoastNH)
      "Limited freedom came slowly. Valerie Cunningham discusses emancipation, the 'Negro Court,' and the lives of Portsmouth's expanding black population."

  13. Parks, Rosa (Awesome Library)
  14. Slave Ships ( - Jones)
      Provides facts about slave ships and slave trade in the early history of the United States. 2-01

  15. Timeline of African-American History (1852 - 1880)
  16. Timeline of African-American History (1881 - 1900)
  17. Timeline of African-American History (1901 - 1925)

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