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Fourth of July

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  1. Fourth of July (Yahoo)
      Provides links for Independence Day (United States). 10-09

  1. Sparklers a Major Hazard (ABC News)
      "In the spectrum of fireworks dangers, people rarely think of sparklers as a major hazard. But last year around the Fourth of July the season with nearly 70 percent of fireworks-related injuries 16 percent of reported injuries were caused by sparklers, according to the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission. That's more injuries than were caused by rockets, and trails only the 17 percent caused by firecrackers and the 19 percent caused by unknown devices." 7-05

  1. Declaration of Independence (Library of Congress)
      Uses treasures, key historical documents in the Library of Congress, to weave a story on the history of the Declaration of Independence. 9-05

  2. Declaration of Independence (Murphy and NPTN)
      Provides the words from the Declaration of Independence. This is not a graphic of the actual document.

  3. Declaration of Independence (PBS)
      Provides a draft, a copy of the signed document, and the Head and Heart letter.

  4. Declaration of Independence - Timetable
      Covers June 7, 1776 - August 2, 1776.

  5. Declaration of Independence of the United States (National Archives)
      Provides a graphic of the actual document. Also includes a Web version.

  6. Fireworks Safety (ABLAZE Productions - Strauss)
      Provides an article on fireworks safety.

  7. Flag Day (
      Provides a history of Flag Day, which is commemorated on June 14th. 2-01

  8. Fourth of July (ABLAZE Productions)
      Provides fireworks displays by state and city, an article on fireworks safety, a history of the flag, an article on respecting the flag and more.

  9. Fourth of July - Early Celebrations (Heintze)
      Uses original sources to show how the Fourth of July was celebrated soon after the Declaration of Independence. Also provides related links.

  10. Fourth of July History (Petro)
      Provides a history of Independence Day for the USA.

  1. -Fourth of July Activities (Education World)
      Provides thirteen activities, one for each of the original states, to explore the Fourth of July. Also provides an excellent list of resources. 9-05


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