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  1. -10-18-04 Texas Redistricting for Republicans Review (
      "The U.S. Supreme Court gave opponents of Texas's new federal voting districts a new chance to argue against the plan, which may add as many as six Republicans to the state's congressional delegation in the Nov. 2 election." 10-04

  2. 02-20-04 Bush Defies Senate and Appoints Rejected Judge (CNN News)
      "After three years of watching Senate Democrats block his judicial nominees, President Bush trumped them for the second time this year by installing Alabama Attorney General William Pryor on the federal appeals court."

      "Besides Pickering and Pryor, Democrats also have used filibusters to block Bush's appeals court nominations of Judge Priscilla Owen, Hispanic lawyer Miguel Estrada and judges Carolyn Kuhl and Janice Rogers Brown. Estrada withdrew his nomination in September."

      "Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Massachusetts, one of the senior members of the Judiciary Committee, called Bush's going around the Senate 'a flagrant abuse of presidential power.' " " 'This is an outrageous appointment, of a nominee who has questionable commitment to the authority of the Supreme Court and the rule of law,' Kennedy said." 2-04

  3. 10-12-04 U.S. Supreme Court to Rule on Display of Ten Commandments (BBC News)
      "The Supreme Court said Tuesday it will take up the constitutionality of Ten Commandments displays on government land and buildings, a surprise announcement that puts justices in the middle of a politically sensitive issue." 10-04


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