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  1. Bridges in Architecture
  2. How to Build a Bridge (
      Provides 4 potential building sites and then goes from there.

  1. America's Deferred Maintenance of Infrastructure (Christian Science Monitor)
      "About one-quarter of America’s 577,000 bridges were rated deficient in 2004." 08-07

  2. Design Flaw in Minnesota Bridge (MSNBC News)
      "Investigators have found what may be a design flaw in the bridge that collapsed here a week ago, in the steel parts that connect girders, raising safety concerns for other bridges around the country, federal officials said on Wednesday." 8-07

  3. How the Minneapolis Bridge Failed (New York Times)
      Shows how the Minneapolis, Minnesota bridge failed and how bridges with similar structure are vulnerable to failure. 08-07

  4. The Condition and Inspections of BridgesDesign (MSNBC News)
      "Enter a starting point and destination to see the condition and inspection dates of spans you cross." 01-08


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