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  1. Presidential Election 2004
  1. -01-10-05 Rumsfeld-McCain Feud (Washington Times)
      "Mr. McCain did not believe Mr. Rumsfeld was adequately paying attention to, or disclosing information about, the Boeing tanker lease scandal. Mr. Rumsfeld wanted Mr. McCain to lift his opposition to several Pentagon nominations bogged down in the Senate." 01-05

  2. -01-12-05 Bush: War Justified Even With No WMD (ABC News)
      "The invasion of Iraq, which ousted Saddam Hussein and has cost the lives of some 1,300 U.S. military personnel and billions of dollars, was 'absolutely' worth it, despite the absence of any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, President Bush told ABC News' Barbara Walters in an exclusive interview that will air this Friday." 01-05

  3. -01-12-05 U.S. Stops Looking for Banned Weapons (International Herald Tribune)
      "The White House confirmed on Wednesday that the U.S. search in Iraq for banned weapons, which it had cited as justification for the war against Saddam Hussein, has been quietly ended after nearly two years, with no evidence of their existence." 01-05

  4. -01-13-05 Judge: Remove "Evolution" Stickers from Books (
      "Georgia's Cobb County school system must immediately remove stickers from science textbooks that say evolution is a 'theory, not a fact,' because a federal judge ruled the disclaimers were unconstitutional."

      "At least five parents filed a lawsuit challenging the stickers on the grounds that they violated the U.S. Constitution and the Constitution of the state of Georgia. A section of the state's constitution says that 'no money shall ever be taken from the public treasury, directly or indirectly, in aid of any church, sect, cult, or religious denomination.' "

      "Cooper also placed a permanent ban on the stickers being disseminated. Cobb County is north of Atlanta." 01-05

  5. -06-13-05 Klansman Set to Stand Trial for 1964 Slayings (USA Today)
      "Reputed Ku Klux Klansman Edgar Ray Killen watched from a wheelchair Monday as jury selection began in his murder trial in one of most shocking crimes of the civil rights era — the 1964 slayings of three voter-registration volunteers." 6-05

  6. -09-03-04 Bush Gets a Small "Bounce" From Convention (Washington Times)
      "In the head-to-head matchup with Democratic presidential nominee Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts, Mr. Bush was the preference of 49 percent of likely voters yesterday, with 45 percent for Mr. Kerry."

      "It was the first time the president had reached the 49 percent mark in the poll since Mr. Kerry all but wrapped up his party's nomination in March, and the first time Mr. Bush had enjoyed a four-point lead since late April." 9-04

  7. -09-10-04 Sen. Graham Accuses Saudi Government of Involvement in 9-11 (MSNBC News)
      "In his new book, Graham claims the president coddled the Saudis and pursued a war against Saddam Hussein that only diverted resources from the more important fight against Al Qaeda. Graham was furious when the White House blacked out 28 pages of the inquiry's final report that dealt with purported Saudi links to the 9/11 plot." 9-04

  8. -09-13-04 Kerry Criticizes Bush for Loss of Weapons Ban (BBC News)
      "The US Democrat presidential candidate has attacked President Bush for failing to push for the renewal of a 10-year ban on private use of assault weapons."

      " 'So, tomorrow for the first time in 10 years when a killer walks into a gun shop, when a terrorist goes to a gun show somewhere in America, when they want to purchase an AK-47 or some other military assault weapon, they're going to hear one word: "Sure", he [Kerry] said.' "

      "The 1994 ban covered 19 different types of military assault weapons, including AK-47, Kalashnikov and Uzi rifles, as well as high-capacity ammunition magazines holding more than 10 rounds."

      "In order to get the measure through Congress, Mr Clinton agreed to demands for a vote to be held after 10 years to confirm the ban."

      "However, Republicans, who now control both houses of Congress, refused to schedule such a vote." 9-04

  9. -09-15-04 Annan: U.S. Invasion of Iraq Illegal (Guardian Unlimited)
      "The United Nations secretary general, Kofi Annan, declared explicitly for the first time last night that the US-led war on Iraq was illegal. Mr Annan said that the invasion was not sanctioned by the UN security council or in accordance with the UN's founding charter."

      "No immediate comment was available from the White House late last night, but American officials have defended the war as an act of self-defence, allowed under the UN charter, in view of Saddam Hussein's supposed plans to build weapons of mass destruction."

      "However, last September, Mr Annan issued a stern critique of the notion of pre-emptive self-defence, saying it would lead to a breakdown in international order. Mr Annan last night said that there should have been a second UN resolution specifically authorising war against Iraq. Mr Blair and Mr Straw tried to secure this second resolution early in 2003 in the run-up to the war but were unable to convince a sceptical security council."

      "Mr Annan said the security council had warned Iraq in resolution 1441 there would be "consequences" if it did not comply with its demands. But he said it should have been up to the council to determine what those consequences were." 9-04

  10. -09-20-04 "Gendercide" in China Creates a Crisis (MSNBC News)
      "China is asking where all the girls have gone."

      "And the sobering answer is that this vast nation, now the world's fastest-growing economy, is confronting a self-perpetuated demographic disaster that some experts describe as "gendercide" -- the phenomenom caused by millions of families resorting to abortion and infanticide to make sure their one child was a boy." 9-04

  11. -09-20-04 Three Kerry - Bush Debates Almost Set (MSNBC News)
      "The campaigns of President Bush and Sen. John F. Kerry have tentatively settled on a package of three face-to-face debates that both sides view as a potentially decisive chance to sway huge audiences ahead of the Nov. 2 election, Democrats and Republicans said yesterday."

      "The nominees will focus on foreign policy during the opening session, on Sept. 30 in Florida, they will take questions from undecided voters at the town-meeting-style debate Oct. 8 in Missouri, and they will conclude with a session on Oct. 13 in Arizona that will revolve around domestic issues."

      "Vice President Cheney and Democratic vice presidential nominee John Edwards will debate Oct. 5 in Ohio. Each of the four debates will begin at 9 p.m. Eastern time and will run 90 minutes." 9-04

  12. -09-28-04 British Prime Minister Apologizes About Iraq (
      "U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair, apologizing for 'wrong' intelligence used to justify the invasion of Iraq, urged his Labour Party to set aside differences over the war as it prepares to campaign for an unprecedented third term." 9-04

  13. -10-07-04 International Community Views Kerry as Debate Winner (
      "Kerry impressed a world audience with a strong performance in the first presidential debate and many foreign observers now believe that the senator has a chance to overtake President Bush."

      "As an editorial writer for The Scotsman saw it, Bush’s credibility, rather than Kerry's consistency, became the issue. '[I]n the context of a 90-minute debate, the Bush campaign’s criticism of Mr. Kerry as a serial flip-flopper was less than entirely persuasive. Instead it was Mr. Bush who was forced to defend his record against charges that he had misled the United States people and made them less secure.' ” 10-04

  14. -10-07-04 Israel May Be Against Two State Solution (
      "The United States on Wednesday evening asked Israel to clarify statements made by Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's senior advisor, Dov Weisglass, in an interview with Haaretz, according to which the disengagement plan means a 'freezing of the peace process,' Israel Radio reported."

      " 'And when you freeze that process,' Weisglass added, 'you prevent the establishment of a Palestinian state, and you prevent a discussion on the refugees, the borders and Jerusalem.' " 10-04

  15. -10-18-04 Texas Redistricting for Republicans Review (
      "The U.S. Supreme Court gave opponents of Texas's new federal voting districts a new chance to argue against the plan, which may add as many as six Republicans to the state's congressional delegation in the Nov. 2 election." 10-04

  16. -10-28-04 UN Condemns U.S. Embargo of Cuba (CBS News)
      "For the 13th year in a row, the United Nations General Assembly approved a resolution condemning the U.S. embargo. The vote in favor of the Cuba-sponsored resolution was 179-4. The four opposing votes came from the United States, Israel, Palau and the Marshall Islands." 10-04

  17. -11-03-04 Bush Vows Unity (ABC News)
      "Echoing the vow of his defeated opponent, a triumphant President Bush promised today to unite a divided nation after becoming the first Republican to be re-elected to the White House since Ronald Reagan." 11-04

  18. -11-03-04 Poll: New Voters Made Big Difference (CBS News)
      "In states where the advantage for Kerry among new voters was less than 15 points, Bush won the state. In states where the advantage for Kerry among new voters was greater than 15 points, Bush lost the state." 11-04

  19. -11-03-04 Poll: Ohio Reflects Divisions Across the Nation (ABC News)
      "If the vote in Ohio had been about the economy, John Kerry would likely be president-elect. If it were about terrorism, President Bush might have had an easier time. Instead it was about both, and more — and that made it a very long night." 11-04

  20. -11-03-04 Poll: Voters Divided Over Religion (BBC News)
      "Religion - rather than class, ethnic origin or education - has become the key determinant of voting in the 2004 presidential race, according to an exit poll conducted by the Associated Press news agency."

      "And moral issues were more important for voters than Iraq, the war on terrorism, or the economy."

      "According to the exit poll, 22% of the electorate said 'moral values' was the issue that mattered most in how they voted - compared to 20% who cited the economy, 19% who cited terrorism, and just 15% who said Iraq was the key issue." 11-04

  21. -11-04-04 Bush Presents His Priorities (CBS News)
      "His second term secured, President Bush gathered reporters Thursday to discuss his priorities for the next four years – including tax cuts, Social Security reform and 'achieving our objectives' in Iraq. He said that meant Iraqi 'elections on the path to stability.' " 11-04

  22. -11-04-04 Should Democrats Get Religion? (CBS News)
      "The Democratic Party's sharp defeat in the 2004 election has already produced a round of soul searching."

      "The GOP recaptured the White House and strengthened its hold on Congress with powerful support from churchgoers."

      "No section of the nation received Mr. Bush's values-laden message more enthusiastically than the Old Confederacy. The election virtually completed the ongoing transformation of the South from a Democratic bastion to a GOP stronghold. Five Southern Senate seats previously held by Democrats fell to the Republicans." 11-04

  23. -11-04-04 Times: Looters Took Explosives with Troops Watching (CBS News)
      "Explosives were looted from the Al-Qaqaa ammunitions site in Iraq while outnumbered U.S. soldiers assigned to guard the materials watched helplessly, soldiers told the Los Angeles Times."

      "Iraqi officials told the United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency last month that about 380 tons of high-grade explosives, a type powerful enough to detonate a nuclear weapon, had been taken from the Al-Qaqaa facility."

      "Soldiers who belong to two different units described how Iraqis snatched explosives from unsecured bunkers and drove off with them in pickup trucks."

      "The eyewitness accounts reported by the Times are the first provided by U.S. soldiers and bolster claims that the U.S. military had failed to safeguard the powerful explosives, the newspaper said"

      "The soldiers who spoke to the Times asked to remain unidentified, saying they feared retaliation from the Pentagon." 11-04

  24. -11-09-04 Gonzales to Replace Ashcroft (MSNBC News)
      "With a hug and words of high praise, President Bush named Alberto Gonzales as attorney general on Wednesday, elevating the administration’s most prominent Hispanic to a highly visible post in the war on terrorism."

      "If confirmed by the Senate, the 49-year-old Texan would replace John Ashcroft, who announced plans on Tuesday to step down after four stormy years in the post. Commerce Secretary Don Evans also announced his resignation Tuesday." 11-04

  25. -11-10-04 Yasser Arafat Dies at 75 (CNN News)
      "Palestinian Authority President Yasser Arafat, 75, the leader who passionately sought a homeland for his people but was seen by many Israelis as a ruthless terrorist and a roadblock to peace, died early Thursday in Paris." 11-04

  26. -11-16-04 Wholesale Prices Jump (USA Today)
      "Wholesale prices shot up 1.7% last month, biggest gain in nearly 15 years and well above expectations, as energy costs skyrocketed and food prices surged, a government report said Tuesday." 11-04

  27. -11-19-04 12 Million Went Hungry (CBS News)
      "More than 12 million American families either didn't have enough food or worried about someone in the family going hungry last year, the Agriculture Department said Friday. Thirty-six million people experienced or worried about hunger." 11-04

  28. -11-20-04 Gonzales Nomination Angers Abortion Foes (CNN News)
      "An anti-abortion group Thursday accused President Bush of ignoring his anti-abortion principles in nominating White House counsel Alberto Gonzales for the post of attorney general." 11-04

  29. -11-28-04 East-West Conflict over the Ukraine (Christian Science Monitor)
      "Russian and Western leaders are sharply at odds over the election crisis that's bringing huge crowds to the streets of Kiev."

      "Supporters of pro-Western candidate Viktor Yushchenko - who allege the presidency was stolen through electoral fraud by the Kremlin-backed Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovich - and the phalanx of riot police they confront may be, in a sense, proxies for much larger global forces."

      "Each side may be primed to see the outcome of Ukraine's domestic tug of war as a global win or loss, rather than just a stage in a troubled post-Soviet country's development, experts say."

      "Some Western experts suggest the US and EU might also do well to back off a bit and develop an evolutionary strategy for helping Ukraine." 11-04

  30. -11-28-04 Kean: Delay of Restructuring Endangers Lives (
      "The U.S. will be at a greater risk of a terrorist attack if Congress further delays legislation to reorganize the nation's intelligence services, said Thomas Kean, chairman of the commission that recommended the overhaul."

      " 'We know there is another attack coming,' Kean, head of the Sept. 11 Commission, said in an interview on NBC News' 'Meet the Press.' 'This bill will pass. The question is whether it will pass now or after a second attack.' " 11-04

  31. -11-29-04 Kellogg Chief to Become New Commerce Secretary (MSNBC News)
      "President Bush on Monday picked Carlos Gutierrez (search), chief executive officer of the Kellogg Co., to be secretary of commerce."

      "If confirmed by the Senate, Gutierrez would replace Commerce Secretary Don Evans (search), who announced his departure shortly after the election." 11-04

  32. -12-03-04 Ukrainian Court Nullifies Election Results (
      "Ukraine's Supreme Court threw out the results of last month's presidential election that showed Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych beat Viktor Yushchenko, and called for a new runoff to be held no later than Dec. 26." 12-04

  33. -12-08-04 Intelligence Bill Passes (
      "The U.S. Senate passed legislation to reorganize the nation's intelligence agencies and create a national director of intelligence to oversee efforts to prevent terrorist attacks."

      "The Senate voted 89-2 today for the bill, which the House approved yesterday. President George W. Bush may sign the legislation as early as next week, his spokesman said." 12-04

  34. -Final Vote (
      Provides election results, including results by state. 11-04

  35. -State Voter Leave Laws (
      "The following states have laws giving employees the right to take time off from work to vote. Many states require employees to give employers notice about taking leave before Election Day and some states require employees to provide employers with proof of voting. In addition, while employers cannot prevent employees from voting, most states give employers the right to specify the time during the day that leave can be taken." 9-04

  36. 01-03-04 Brazil Fingerprints Americans Now (Miami Herald - Hall)
      "Federal Police in Brazil on Friday ordered immigration authorities to begin fingerprinting and photographing American tourists as they arrive at airports, cruise ship terminals and land borders in this continent-sized nation."

      "The decision was in response to a similar move by the United States. On Jan. 5, a U.S. rule takes effect across 115 U.S. airports that will require most visiting tourists, including those from Brazil, to have their photographs and fingerprints logged digitally as they clear immigration procedures."

      "Brazil's reaction is one more sign of deteriorating relations between the United States and Latin America's most populous nation."

      "Brazil, a country of 170 million, traditionally has enjoyed warm relations with the United States. But President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva harshly criticized the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, and the Brazilian media recently have taken a more hostile view of the United States."

      "In September, Brazil led a revolt by developing nations that caused U.S.-led global trade talks to collapse." 1-04

  37. 01-03-04 California Still Faces $14 Billion Shortfall (San Francisco Chronicle)
      "Saddled with a shortfall of at least $14 billion and a promise not to raise taxes, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is likely to release a budget next week with few surprises -- it will contain cuts, cuts and more cuts."

      "Looming on the horizon is another multibillion-dollar problem. Last summer's budget agreement included $12.6 billion in loans that have been held up by legal challenge because the debt was not approved by voters."

      "Schwarzenegger and the Legislature agreed last month to put a $15 billion bond measure on the March ballot. If voters do not agree to the borrowing, the state could quickly find itself in an unprecedented fiscal crisis, forcing force the governor to drastically revise his budget priorities and promises." 1-04

  38. 01-03-04 Dean Raises $15 Million in Fourth Quarter (CNN News)
      "Democratic presidential hopeful and front-runner Howard Dean raised more than $15 million in the fourth quarter of 2003, his campaign has announced, breaking his previous quarter's total of $14.8 million."

      "That puts the Dean campaign's total fund raising for 2003 at more than $40 million, as the former governor of Vermont continues his grassroots push, hoping to win the party's nomination for its presidential candidate."

      "While that is likely to be the most money raised by any of the Democrats in the race, it pales in comparison to the $50 million raised by the Bush-Cheney re-election team in the third quarter alone."

      "Other candidates have yet to reveal their fund-raising numbers, which do not have to be reported until the end of January." 1-04

  39. 01-03-04 Mid-December Poll on Candidates (CNN News)
      Howard Dean is the leading Democratic candidate and is behind George W. Bush in the polls. 1-04

  40. 01-16-04 Dean and Gephardt Pull Negative Ads (USA Today)
      "Democratic presidential rivals Howard Dean and Dick Gephardt declared a truce in their air war Friday, pulling negative ads from Iowa television in the closing days of a remarkably tight caucus race."

      "The stakes are highest for Gephardt, who won the 1988 caucuses by four percentage points — a landslide in comparison to where the race stood Friday. A defeat would effectively end the Missouri lawmaker's 28-year political career, aides said." 1-04

  41. 01-16-04 Poll: Kerry Leads in Iowa (
      "Senator John Kerry has used support from military veterans to take the lead over former Vermont Governor Howard Dean in a poll of Iowa Democrats." 1-04

  42. 01-24-04 Poll: Kerry Leads Bush (Bloomberg)
      "Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts has taken a national lead among Democratic presidential hopefuls and pulled ahead of President George W. Bush in a head-to-head match-up, according to a Newsweek poll." 1-04

  43. 01-24-04 Resistance Building to Huge Budget Deficit (Christian Science Monitor)
      "Even before President Bush's next budget hits Capitol Hill, lawmakers even in his own party are mounting barricades against what many see as a spending binge that's settling into a habit." 1-04

  44. 01-30-04 Bush Wants "Facts," No Inquiry on False Intelligence on Iraq (CBS News)
      "President Bush said Friday "I want to know the facts" about any intelligence failures concerning Saddam Hussein's alleged cache of forbidden weapons but he declined to endorse calls for an independent investigation." 1-04

  45. 01-30-04 Poll: Bush and Kerry Tied - It's the Economy (
      "Support for Kerry and the president split along party lines. Just 3 percent of Republicans don't support the president and 11 percent of Democrats don't back Kerry. Independents remain divided, with 55 percent backing Kerry and 39 percent backing Bush." 1-04

  46. 02-08-04 Bush: Iraq Was Not an 'Imminent Threat' (
      "President George W. Bush said chemical and biological weapons Iraq may have possessed were a danger even if the threat wasn't imminent and that former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein might have disposed of them before the war." 2-04

  47. 02-08-04 U.S. May Have Found Saddam's Money (Guardian Unlimited)
      "The United States believes it has found at least $300 million Saddam Hussein hid in banks, yet doesn't have enough evidence to get countries such as Syria and Switzerland to hand over the money, U.S. and European officials told The Associated Press."

      "Much to the frustration of the Bush administration, countries that acted quickly on relatively weak evidence involving al-Qaida funds have been unwilling to do the same on Iraq, partly because of growing doubts about the quality of U.S. intelligence."

      "Were the account held in a U.S. bank, federal authorities wouldn't need any more evidence than they already have because the Patriot Act, passed after Sept. 11, 2001, gives them expanded powers of search and seizure." 2-04

  48. 02-10-04 United Food and Commercial Workers Strike (
      UFCW union strikes against Safeway, Albertson's, and Kroger's in California. 2-04

  49. 02-12-04 Same-Sex Marriage Debate Heats Up (CNN News)
      "Massachusetts lawmakers were spending a second day Thursday trying to hammer out a compromise on whether the state will recognize same-sex marriages, and which rights it will allow such couples." 2-04

  50. 02-12-04 Same-Sex Marriage Debate Heats Up (CNN News)
      "Massachusetts lawmakers were spending a second day Thursday trying to hammer out a compromise on whether the state will recognize same-sex marriages, and which rights it will allow such couples." 2-04

  51. 02-13-04 Rumsfeld: Gitmo Detainees to be Allowed Appeal (CBS News)
      "Suspected terrorists held at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba will be allowed to appeal their detentions to a new panel that would determine if they are an ongoing threat to the United States, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said Friday."

      "About 660 alleged al Qaeda and Taliban fighters captured in Afghanistan and elsewhere after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks are being held at the maximum-security prison at the U.S. naval base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, though none has been charged."

      Human rights groups and some foreign governments have criticized the detainees' treatment and the lack of trials or access to lawyers."

      The Supreme Court will decide this year whether the Guantanamo detainees can be held indefinitely without lawyers and hearings. The Court announced in November that it would consider appeals on behalf of Guantanamo inmates." 2-04

  52. 02-21-04 Same-Sex Marriage - Bush Backs Constitutional Ban (
      "U.S. President George W. Bush said today he supports a constitutional amendment banning same-sex couples from getting married."

      "Kerry and North Carolina Senator John Edwards, his main rival for the Democratic nomination, said today that amending the Constitution is unnecessary and the issue of marriage should be left to the states."

      "Republican lawmakers aren't united on whether the Constitution should be amended or what such an amendment would say, said House Majority Leader Tom DeLay of Texas. Some lawmakers said the issue should be settled in the courts or through the regular legislative process."

      "Representative Marilyn Musgrave and Senator Wayne Allard, both Republicans from Colorado, have introduced legislation that would start the amendment process."

      "Any action to change the Constitution requires a two-thirds majority in both chambers of Congress to be sent as a proposed amendment to the states, and takes effect only if three-fourths of state legislatures approve it." 2-04

  53. 02-21-04 Same-Sex Marriage - Bush Backs Constitutional Ban (
      "U.S. President George W. Bush said today he supports a constitutional amendment banning same-sex couples from getting married."

      "Kerry and North Carolina Senator John Edwards, his main rival for the Democratic nomination, said today that amending the Constitution is unnecessary and the issue of marriage should be left to the states."

      "Republican lawmakers aren't united on whether the Constitution should be amended or what such an amendment would say, said House Majority Leader Tom DeLay of Texas. Some lawmakers said the issue should be settled in the courts or through the regular legislative process."

      "Representative Marilyn Musgrave and Senator Wayne Allard, both Republicans from Colorado, have introduced legislation that would start the amendment process."

      "Any action to change the Constitution requires a two-thirds majority in both chambers of Congress to be sent as a proposed amendment to the states, and takes effect only if three-fourths of state legislatures approve it." 2-04

  54. 02-25-04 Civil War in Haiti Likely (CNN News)
      "Anticipating the bloodbath predicted if political opposition leaders rejected the power-sharing proposal -- or if the rebels storm Port-au-Prince under any circumstances -- the Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders have begun to send aid workers to the tiny nation on the western end of the island of Hispaniola."

      "Aristide has faced criticism since an election in 2000 that observers called fraudulent. Opposition parties accuse his supporters of using violence to intimidate them. He has said repeatedly that he will not willingly step aside until his term of office expires in 2006." 2-04

  55. 02-26-04 Top Siite Cleric Accepts U.N. Timetable (MSNBC News)
      "Iraq’s most prominent Shiite Muslim cleric on Thursday called for elections by the end of the year, signaling that he would accept an interim government but offering a strict time-frame after the United States hands over power." 2-04

  56. 03-01-04 Haitian President Forced Out? (CNN News)
      "Former Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide said Monday he was forced to leave Haiti in a 'coup d'etat' by the United States." 2-04

  57. 03-01-04 U.S.-Controlled Iraqi Government Approves a Constitution (Christian Science Monitor)
      "An interim constitution approved Monday by the US-controlled Iraqi Governing Council includes rights, power-sharing, and freedoms mind-boggling to most Arabs, who mainly live under authoritarian regimes." 2-04

  58. 03-02-04 Assault Weapons Ban Extended (CBS News)
      "The Senate voted Tuesday to extend for another decade a ban on military-style assault weapons and to require background checks on buyers at private gun shows, giving Democrats a rare victory on gun legislation that would also deny crime victims the ability to sue gunmakers and dealers."

      "Democrats argued that law enforcement officers and regular citizens all would be safer if the assault weapons covered under the bill continued to be banned. 'These are weapons of war. They are designed to kill a lot of people quickly,' said Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., who authored the 1994 gun ban while in the House."

      "Warner, who voted against the gun ban in 1994, said the testimony from law enforcement officials in his state convinced him to vote Tuesday for renewing it." 3-04

  59. 03-05-04 Major Jobs Disappointment (CBS News)
      "The U.S. employment report for February proved to be a major disappointment. The jobless rate remained unchanged at 5.6 percent, and the economy was only able to generate 21,000 jobs."

      The latest snapshot of the employment climate released by the Labor Department on Friday depicted the painfully slow job growth the country has been enduring." 3-04

  60. 03-08-04 California Judge Strikes Down Same-Sex Marriage Ban (
      "A California judge struck down the state's laws banning gay weddings, saying that measures defining marriage as between a man and a woman are unconstitutional."

      "Superior Court Judge Richard Kramer's ruling, pending appeals, would make California the second state in the U.S. to legalize gay marriages after Massachusetts. San Francisco, which conducted about 4,000 same-sex weddings last year before the ceremonies were halted by the state Supreme Court, claimed the laws violated the rights of gays and lesbians." 3-05

  61. 03-08-04 Seattle Honors Same-Sex Marriages from Other States (CNN News)
      "Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels on Monday ordered the city government to recognize gay marriages performed in other states, even though Washington state law clearly prohibits same-sex marriage."

      " 'Spouses of city employees in same-sex marriages will enjoy all of the health and insurance benefits that all opposite sex partners enjoy,' Nickels said at a news conference." 3-04

  62. 03-19-04 Rift Between Europe and USA (CBS News)
      "Trans-Atlantic relations are at a dangerous low ebb and some prominent Americans and Europeans have concluded that governments on both sides of the ocean are at fault." 3-04

  63. 03-21-04 Methodist Church Acquits Lesbian Pastor (CBS News)
      "A lesbian Methodist minister said she was relieved by her acquittal in a church trial over her sexual orientation — but so was the pastor who prosecuted her, and even the bishop who filed the complaint."

      A jury of 13 pastors said it decided in favor of the Rev. Karen Dammann “after many hours of painful and prayerful deliberations, and listening for and to the word of God.” 3-04

  64. 03-25-04 Bush's Former Anti-Terrorism Chief Claims Bush Undermined War on Terrorism (MSNBC News)
      " 'The reason I am strident in my criticism of the president of the United States is because ... by invading Iraq, the president of the United States has greatly undermined the war on terrorism,' he said."

      "But Clarke, acknowledging that he had been accused of being 'a member of John Kerry’s campaign team,' denied that he had any partisan goals." " 'Let me say here, as I am under oath, that I will not accept any position in the Kerry administration, should there be one — on the record, under oath,' said Clarke, who said he voted Republican in 2000." 3-04

  65. 05-16-04 Seattle Honors Same-Sex Marriages from Other States (CBS News)
      "For better or for worse, depending on which side of the ideological aisle one chooses, a divided America crosses a historic threshold Monday as state-approved marriages of same-sex couples take place for the first time. "

      "On Friday, the U.S. Supreme Court declined to block the state's municipal clerks from issuing marriage licenses to gay couples, clearing the way for the nation's first state-sanctioned same-sex weddings to begin Monday." 5-04

  66. 06-02-04 Biggest Humanitarian Crisis of Our Time (CNN News)
      "Millions of men, women and children may die in the Darfur region of Sudan unless there is an immediate outpouring of international aid, the World Health Organization warned Wednesday."

      "U.N. Emergency Coordinator Jan Egeland last week called the situation in Darfur 'the biggest humanitarian drama of our time.' "

      " 'This is the most dramatic race against the clock that we have anywhere in the world at the moment,' he said. 'If we lose, hundreds of thousands of women and children, mostly, will perish.' " 6-04

  67. 06-03-04 CIA Chief Tenet Resigns (Washington Times)
      "Retiring CIA Director George J. Tenet had a mixed record of failure and success during his nine years at the agency, including the major intelligence failure surrounding the September 11 attacks and lapses in assessing Iraq's weapons of mass destruction." 6-04

  68. 06-03-04 Men Make More Than Women (CNN News)
      "Heidi Hartmann, president of the Institute for Women's Policy Research, said the disparity is in part due to women who interrupt their careers to have kids at a time while men continue to climb the salary ladder. When these mothers return to work, they often can't make up the loss in earnings, she said."

      "Discrimination also may be a factor, specifically against mothers, Strober added. 'If you are a primary caretaker of children, it's very difficult to live up to the kind of work requirements that exist for professional work,' she said."

      "Hartmann said stronger enforcement of equal opportunity laws and increasing access to education and training in high-paying fields in which women are underrepresented are keys to income equity." 6-04

  69. 06-03-04 President Bush Meets With Pope (
      "This is Bush's third visit with the pope as he tries to bolster support among U.S. Catholics before the November elections. Bush used the meeting to defend the U.S.-led invasion in Iraq, saying that there are times when war is necessary to achieve peace, an administration official said. Bush's arrival in Italy triggered anti-war protests and 10,000 Italian police and soldiers stood guard against terrorist attacks."

      "The pontiff, 84, who was too frail to get up to greet the president, in January called the war in Iraq a 'defeat for humanity.' He had urged the U.S. to seek a United Nations endorsement for any military action." 6-04

  70. 06-03-04 President Bush Meets With Pope - Pope's Text (CNN News)
      Provides the words spoken by the Pope to the President. 6-04

  71. 06-07-04 U.S. Plans Large Cuts in Troops in Korea (BBC News)
      "The United States has proposed withdrawing 12,500 of its 37,000 troops stationed in South Korea by 2006." 6-04

  72. 06-16-04 Commission: No Al Qaeda Link to Iraq (ABC News)
      "The panel investigating the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks found 'no credible evidence that Iraq and al Qaeda cooperated on attacks against the United States,' according to a staff report issued on Wednesday."

      The report contradicts statements from the Bush administration that Saddam Hussein had ties to al Qaeda." 6-04

  73. 06-23-04 Spending Out of Control and Corporations Not Paying Fair Share (CNN News)
      "At a time when the federal budget deficit has reached a staggering half trillion dollars and our national debt has surpassed $7 trillion, additional special interest spending is something that this country can ill afford." "Congress, Democrats and Republicans alike, should be doing more to prevent government contracts from going to companies that set up headquarters in offshore havens. More than half of the top 100 contractors doing business with the government also have subsidiaries in tax-haven countries. It is no wonder that corporations, which paid about 40 percent of U.S. tax revenues in 1943, now pay only about 7 percent of federal revenue." 6-04

  74. 06-23-04 U.S. Withdraws Request for Exemption From War Crimes (BBC News)
      "The US withdrawal of a resolution exempting its peacekeepers from the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court (ICC) came in the face of mounting opposition from UN Security Council members." 6-04

  75. 06-26-04 "Back-Door Draft" (CBS News)
      " 'We are essentially imposing a mini-draft, or a draft by any other name, on people in the military who had no reason to think they would have to stay in many cases and are being told they must stay,' O'Hanlon explains.” 6-04

  76. 06-26-04 Farenheit 9/11 Goes After Bush (
      "Michael Moore’s scathing indictment of the Bush administration, 'Fahrenheit 9/11,' winner of the top prize at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, doesn’t break a lot of new ground."

      "The freshest ammunition in Moore’s arsenal is a camcorder tape of Bush’s ultra-delayed reaction to the news that the World Trade Center had been hit by terrorists. On the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, Bush was reading to kids at a Florida elementary school. After being informed of the attacks, Bush froze and continued with the classroom lesson — for nearly seven minutes."

      "But there’s a somber quality to the film’s second half, as the cost of the Iraq war becomes harder to hide. Interviews with fed-up American soldiers and furious Iraqi citizens are particularly chilling. So is Moore’s talk with a woman who lost her disillusioned son in Iraq and tearily confesses that she should have been paying more attention to the reasons he went."

      " 'Fahrenheit 9/11' isn’t entirely designed to skewer the current administration. Democrats are chastised for voting for the war and for not challenging the Supreme Court’s decision to anoint Bush, while senators of both parties are condemned for not backing African-American Congressmen who questioned the Florida election. Moore’s final hope, delivered in a non-partisan spirit, is that 'we won’t get fooled again.' ” 6-04

  77. 06-28-04 Supreme Court: No "Blank Check" for Bush on U.S. Prisoners (
      "The U.S. Supreme Court, denying the Bush administration a 'blank check' to fight terrorism, ruled that American citizens held as enemy combatants are entitled to assert their innocence before a neutral tribunal."

      " 'A state of war is not a blank check for the president when it comes to the rights of the nation's citizens,' Justice Sandra Day O'Connor wrote for four of the court's members." 6-04

  78. 06-30-04 Interest Rates Go Up (USA Today)
      "The Federal Reserve raised its target for a key interest rate by a quarter-point Wednesday, starting what is expected to be a cycle of rising interest rates that pulls the plug on the cheapest credit in decades." 6-04

  79. 06-30-04 Iraq Takes Custody of Saddam (
      "Ousted dictator Saddam Hussein and 11 of his officials were put under Iraqi legal jurisdiction today and will be arraigned in Baghdad tomorrow, said the director of Iraq's Special Tribunal for war crimes, Salem Chalabi." 6-04

  80. 06-30-04 Starving in Sudan (BBC News)
      Provides powerful word pictures of the extreme suffering of women and children in Sudan. The suffering and starvation is being caused by warfare rather than by drought. 6-04

  81. 07-01-04 Saddam in Court (BBC News)
      "Our correspondent says without a system in place to gather statements and protect those who come forward there are fears that many valuable witnesses will be lost."

      "But the interim Iraqi government has dismissed such concerns, insisting that the evidence is already overwhelming, as Saddam Hussein's regime was meticulous in recording the most minute details of abuses carried out." 7-04

  82. 07-02-04 More Jobs, Less Joy (CBS News)
      "Employers hired less help in June than economists anticipated — adding 112,000 new payroll jobs — and the unemployment rate remained unchanged at 5.6 percent for a third straight month."

      "Payrolls in April and May also were revised down slightly from the big gains previously reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics." 7-04

  83. 07-03-04 Comment and Analysis from World Press (
      Provides "Comment and analysis from the world's press on the upcoming U.S. elections." 7-04

  84. 07-14-04 Senate Defeats Same-Sex Marriage Ban (
      "The U.S. Senate blocked an attempt at amending the Constitution to ban same-sex marriage, dealing a defeat to President George W. Bush, who made his support for the measure part of his re-election campaign." 7-04

  85. 07-22-04 9-11 Commission Report - Full Text (CNN News)
      Provides the full text of the 9-11 Commission report and the failures that allowed 9-11 and recommendations to prevent another catastrophe. 7-04

  86. 07-25-04 Boston Spends $60 Million for Convention Security (CNN News)
      "As the Democratic National Convention opens Monday, the city of Boston will be under an unprecedented $60 million security curtain." 7-04

  87. 07-29-04 Afghanistan "Likely to Implode" (CNN News)
      "A British parliamentary committee has warned that Afghanistan is likely to 'implode, with terrible consequences' unless more troops and resources are sent to calm the country." 7-04

  88. 08-02-04 Bush States Support for Security Chief (CNN News)
      "President George W. Bush said he wants to create the position of national intelligence director and an office to coordinate government-wide efforts to combat terrorism, two recommendations of the commission that studied the Sept. 11 attacks." 8-02

  89. 08-03-04 Ridge Defends Alert Based on Old Information (
      "Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge defended terror warnings issued Sunday based on the discovery of al-Qaeda surveillance documents three years old, saying the information was detailed and had been updated in January." 8-04

  90. 08-05-04 U.S. Supreme Court Rules for Guantanamo Detainees (BBC News)
      "The United States Supreme Court has ruled that prisoners held at Guantanamo Bay can take their case that they are unlawfully imprisoned to the American courts." 8-04

  91. 09-04-04 Putin: Attack Against Russia (CNN News)
      "Russian President Vladimir Putin has called the hostage massacre in Beslan an attack on the entire country and made a surprising admission of weakness in the face of terrorism." 8-04

  92. 09-04-04 School Siege Ends in Many Deaths (CBS News)
      "More than 340 people, including 155 children, were killed in the violence that ended a hostage standoff with militants at a southern Russian school, a prosecutor said Saturday. President Vladimir Putin accused the attackers of trying to spark an ethnic conflict that would engulf Russia's troubled Caucasus Mountains region."

      " 'Even alongside the most cruel attacks of the past, this terrorist act occupies a special place because it was aimed at children,' he said during a meeting with regional officials, which was broadcast on Russian television." "Putin called Saturday for a new approach to law enforcement in the wake of the school hostage crisis, and pledged the reform would be in accordance with the nation's constitution."

      "Putin said international terrorists had declared "a full-scale war" against Russia, and that due to the collapse of the Soviet Union, the nation was weakened and unable to respond as effectively as it must." 8-04

  93. 09-06-04 Bill Clinton's Heart Surgery Successful (CNN News)
      "Former President Clinton successfully underwent a quadruple coronary artery bypass operation Monday, his doctor said." 9-04

  94. 09-07-04 Improper Fees Found in Halliburton Work in Iraq (CBS News)
      "Halliburton Co.'s multibillion dollar contract for work to support U.S. troops in Iraq will be put back up for bids, according to a published report."

      "The value of the contract, to feed and house U.S. troops in Iraq, is valued at up to $13 billion."

      "A published report on the findings of Pentagon auditors said last month that Halliburton did not adequately account for more than $1.8 billion it billed the government for work in Iraq and Kuwait."

      "The $1.8 billion amounts to 40 percent of the $4.18 billion KBR has already billed the Pentagon for its work feeding and housing military troops."

      "Documents obtained by CBS News show an auditor repeatedly flagged improper fees for soldiers' laundry. At one site, taxpayers reportedly paid $100 for each 15-pound load of wash - $1 million a month in overcharges." 9-04

  95. 09-07-04 Record Deficit Reported by Congressional Budget Office (MSNBC News)
      "The Congressional Budget Office projected Tuesday that this election-year’s federal deficit will hit a record $422 billion, a shortfall that would be smaller than analysts predicted earlier this year." 9-04

  96. 09-09-04 Powell Declares Genocide in Sudan (BBC News)
      "The US Secretary of State Colin Powell has said the killings in Sudan's Darfur region constitute genocide." 9-04

  97. 09-09-04 Questions and Answers on Dafur (BBC News)
      "The world's worst humanitarian crisis is unfolding in Sudan's western region of Darfur, the United Nations says." 9-04

  98. 11-14-04 CIA in Free Fall (CBS News)
      "Insiders say the arrival of newly installed CIA Director Porter Goss has plunged the agency into turmoil unlike anything they've seen in nearly three decades, reports CBS News Correspondent Joie Chen." 11-04

  99. 11-14-04 Colin Powell Frustrated by Iraq (Bloomberg)
      "Colin Powell may be remembered as the U.S. secretary of State who ended up a victim of his biggest success: his role in making the public case for the war in Iraq." 11-04

  100. 11-14-04 Colin Powell Resigns (Bloomberg)
      "Colin Powell resigned as U.S. secretary of state and Spencer Abraham is stepping down as energy secretary, Bush administration officials said."

      "The administration will announce as many as four cabinet resignations today, Bush spokesman Scott McClellan said. He declined to confirm the names of secretaries who will be leaving." 11-04

  101. 11-14-04 UN: No Proof Iran Intended to Make Nuclear Bombs (CNN News)
      "The U.N. nuclear watchdog says it has found that none of Iran's declared nuclear material has been diverted for military purposes."

      "However, a spokesman for the International Atomic Energy Agency told CNN on Monday that officials still had questions about possible undeclared activities." 11-04

  102. 12-05-04 Hunter and Senenbrenner Fight Homeland Security Overhaul (USA Today)
      "If House GOP leaders would allow a vote on post-Sept. 11 legislation overhauling the nation's intelligence community, it would easily pass, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle predicted Sunday."

      "House Speaker Dennis Hastert decided not to allow a vote on the legislation last month after two powerful committee chairmen, GOP Reps. Duncan Hunter of California and James Sensenbrenner of Wisconsin, objected."

      "If lawmakers fail to pass an overhaul this year [December 2004], they'll have to start from scratch next year. With the new Congress in January, bills that failed to pass in the current session expire and new lawmakers and committee leaders would have to consider any new legislation." 12-04

  103. Editorial - Bush's Mandate (International Herald Tribune)
      "From beginning to end, this election was about George W. Bush, and he can claim that his victory vindicated his policies, his persistence, his personal qualities and his political strategy. He bet that voters who had shared a traumatic terrorist attack and two wars on his watch would stand by him, and they did" 11-04

  104. First Time Voter (PBS)
      Describes the experience of voting for the first time.

  1. -09-12-04 Democrats and Republicans Differ on Iraq (
      "The conflict in Iraq is an issue in the election campaign between Bush and Massachusetts Senator John Kerry, the Democratic presidential nominee. Voters cite it as one of their top three concerns in polls, such as one released Saturday by Time magazine."

      "The U.S. still did 'the right thing both in Afghanistan and in Iraq,'' [Secretary of State Colin] Powell said. 'And this is not the time to get weak in the knees or faint about it, but to drive on and finish the work that we've started.' "

      "Madeleine Albright, secretary of state in the administration of President Bill Clinton and an adviser to Kerry, said on 'Meet the Press' that the insurgency in Iraq seems to be growing and 'it doesn't sound like' elections can take place in January."

      "She said Bush 'squandered our credibility and our reputation' by attacking Iraq, adding that Kerry 'has a much better chance of getting other countries in there, because he would listen to what they have to say and create a coalition that I think would make clear that this was in everybody's interest, and not just Americans acting as occupiers.' " 9-04

  2. -09-13-04 Bush to Shift Rebuilding Fund to Security and Oil Drilling (
      "The Bush administration plans to shift $3.5 billion from Iraqi reconstruction projects to bolster security and oil drilling operations and prepare for elections in that country, according to a spokesman for House appropriations Chairman Bill Young." 9-04

  3. 01-03-04 Bush to Cut Domestic Spending (
      "President Bush's budget, which will be sent to Congress by Feb. 2, will include several tax cut proposals, including new measures to promote individual savings and tax credits to help uninsured people buy health insurance, the newspaper reported."

      "The president's budget plan for the fiscal year starting Oct. 1 also includes measures to control the rising costs of housing vouchers for the poor, require veterans to may more for some medications and eliminate some job training programs, the Times said." 1-04

  4. 02-06-04 Snow Claims O'Neill Used Classified Information Against Bush (
      "Documents former Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill gave to an author who used them to write a critical book on President George W. Bush contained classified information, the current secretary, John Snow said in a letter to Congress obtained by Bloomberg News."

      "In interviews following publication of the book, Suskind has said that none of the documents that the Treasury passed to O'Neill were marked ``classified,'' and O'Neill has said that all the documents he had been given and passed on to Suskind had been cleared by the Treasury's top lawyer." 2-04

  5. 05-15-02 College Diversity Policy Upheld (USA Today - Biskupic)
      "A University of Michigan policy that boosts the odds for Hispanics, blacks and other minority applicants to its law school is constitutional, a bitterly divided federal appeals court ruled Tuesday."

  6. 12-01-03 Gays and Lesbians - Boy, 7, Scolded for Saying 'Gay' (CBS News)
      "A 7-year-old boy was scolded and forced to write 'I will never use the word 'gay' in school again' after he told a classmate about his lesbian mother, the American Civil Liberties Union alleged Monday." 12-03

  7. Afghanistan Approves New Constitution (
      "Afghanistan's national council approved a constitution paving the way for democratic elections, in a move hailed by U.S. President George W. Bush, Afghan President Hamid Karzai and United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan." 1-04

  8. Bush Announces Plans for Manned Missions to Moon and Beyond (CNN News)
      " 'We will give NASA a new focus and vision for future exploration. We will build new ships to carry man forward into the universe, to gain a new foothold on the moon to prepare for new journeys to the worlds beyond our own,' Bush said." 1-04

  9. CIA: PreWar Iraq Was Not an 'Imminent Threat' (
      "George Tenet, director of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, said his agency's prewar assessments never cast Iraq as 'an imminent threat' and there was no pressure to manipulate the findings."

      "Tenet said his agency never said Hussein had nuclear weapons. 'We said that Saddam did not have a nuclear weapon and probably would have been unable to make one until 2007 to 2009,' he said." "Massachusetts Senator John Kerry, who leads among Democrats vying to oppose Bush in the November election, used Tenet's speech to attack the president." "Tenet 'admitted that the intelligence agencies never told the White House that Iraq posed an imminent threat,' Kerry said in a statement. 'But that's not what the White House told the American people. They said Iraq posed a 'mortal threat,' an 'urgent threat,' an 'immediate threat,' a 'serious threat.' " " 'Americans should be able to trust that what the president tells them is true,' Kerry said." 2-04

  10. Carnegie: Pre-emptive War on Iraq not Valid (BBC News - Reynolds)
      "The latest assessment of Iraq's weapons of mass destruction is scornful of the way intelligence was presented and goes beyond concluding that Iraq was not an imminent threat - it calls for an end to the US doctrine of pre-emptive war."

      "As far as the WMD were concerned, it [the Carnegie report] concluded:

      "Iraq's nuclear programme had been suspended for many years. Iraq focussed on preserving a dual-use chemical and problem biological weapons capability but not on weapons production. Iraqi nerve agents had lost most of their lethality by 1991."

      "The intelligence community overestimated the chemical and biological weapons in Iraq."

      "Intelligence agencies appear to have been unduly influenced by policymakers' views. Officials misrepresented the threat over and above intelligence findings."

      "There was no solid evidence linking Saddam Hussein and al-Qaeda, nor evidence that Iraq would transfer WMD to terrorists."

      "Among the examples quoted of how officials went beyond the known facts to exaggerate the threat was a comment from President Bush who said:"

      " 'The regime was forced to admit that it had produced more than 30,000 litres of anthrax and other deadly biological agents.' "

      "In fact, the report notes, UN inspectors had commented only that Iraq might have imported enough growth media to produce these amounts, not quite the same thing." 1-04

  11. Democratic Candidates for President - Interviews (
      Provides interviews with Democratic candidates for President, including Ambassador Carol Moseley Braun, Governor Howard Dean, Senator John Edwards, Congressman Dick Gephardt, Senator Bob Graham, Senator John Kerry, Congressman Dennis Kucinich, Senator Joe Lieberman, and Reverend Al Sharpton. 6-03

  12. Draft Proposed in the U.S. Congress (
      Describes bills currently under consideration in the Senate (S 89) and the House (H.R. 163) for a universal draft, called the Universal National Service Act of 2003

      . The purpose of each of the bills is: "To provide for the common defense by requiring that all young persons in the United States, including women, perform a period of military service or a period of civilian service in furtherance of the national defense and homeland security, and for other purposes."

      The bill is was introduced by Senator Hollings in the Senate on January 7, 2003. It has been read twice and then referred to the Senate Committee on Armed Services. The bill was introduced by Mr. Rangel and others in the House of Representatives. The bill was referred to the Committee on Armed Services." 2-04

  13. Election Dates (
      Provides information on elections, including primaries, by date. 12-03

  14. Election Deadlines - Filing Deadlines for Primaries (Federal Election Commission)
      Provides filing deadlines for primaries, by state. 12-03

  15. Election of U.S. President - Progress (
      Provides information on primaries, caucuses, and conventions, by state. 12-03

  16. Elections - Several States Move to Cancel Primaries (
      "Several states have moved to drop their presidential primaries next year, worried about costs in tight financial times and wondering if the political exercise would serve any purpose." 12-03

  17. Half the World's Children Suffering (Guardian Unlimited)
      "More than half the world's children are suffering extreme effects of poverty, war and HIV/Aids, denying them a healthy and safe childhood, according to a report published today."

      "The report said the world had the capacity to reduce poverty, conflict and HIV/Aids and improve the plight of the world's children. It said Millennium Development Goals, which aim to improve the world through human development by 2015 and were agreed to by the UN's 191 member states in 2000, could be achieved at an annual cost of $40bn (£20.8bn) - $70bn (£36.4bn). World spending on military last year was $956bn (£497.4bn)." 12-04

  18. Pakistan's Nuclear Shame (BBC News - Rashid)
      "Abdul Qadeer Khan, Pakistan's best-known nuclear scientist, shocked the nation on Wednesday, when he went on television and confessed to leaking nuclear secrets. He said he took full responsibility for proliferating nuclear weapons to Iran, Libya and North Korea." 2-04

  19. Patriot Act Provision Struck Down by Court (
      "A portion of the Patriot Act, the law that gives U.S. law enforcement and intelligence agencies expanded authority to combat terrorism, was struck down by a federal judge in Los Angeles for being unconstitutional." 1-04

  20. Powell: No Proof of Links Between Saddam and al-Qaida (MSNBC News)
      "Secretary of State Colin Powell reversed a year of administration policy, acknowledging Thursday that he had seen no 'smoking gun [or] concrete evidence' of ties between former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein and al-Qaida." 1-04

  21. Presidential Candidates (
      Provides information on each candidate for President of the United States, by political party. 12-03

  22. Register to Vote - Voting Deadlines (
      Provides dates related to elections within each state, including dates for voting in primaries. Qualifications to vote include: You must be 18 years old or older by the day of the election, you must be registered to vote, and you must be a U.S. citizen. In many states, you must register with a political party to vote in that party's primary election. To vote in a primary election, your registration must be recognized well before the primary election in that state. 12-03

  23. South American Community of Nations (SACN) Formed (
      "The South American Community of Nations (SACN) (Spanish: Comunidad Sudamericana de Naciones, Portuguese: Comunidade Sul-Americana de Nações) will be a continent-wide free trade zone that will unite two existing free-trade organizations — Mercosur and the Andean Community — eliminating tariffs for non-sensitive products in ten years and sensitive products in fifteen years." 12-04

  24. State of the Union Speech 2004 (Christian Science Monitor - Bush)
      Provides a transcript of President Bush's State of the Union speech to the U.S. Congress. 1-04

  25. State of the Union Speech 2004 - Democratic Responses (CNN News - Pelosi and Daschle)
      Provides a transcript of responses of Senate Democratic leaders, Nancy Pelosi and Tom Daschle, to President Bush's State of the Union speech to the U.S. Congress. 1-04

  26. World Reactions to Bush's Re-election (BBC News)
      Provides reactions by region of the world. 11-04


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