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  1. -09-03-06 Former Olympic Champion Bob Mathias Dies (CBC News)
      "At the 1952 Games in Helsinki, Finland, he became the first athlete to repeat as Olympic champion in the decathlon." 09-06

  2. Olympics 2006 News (
      Provides news on the 2006 Olympics. Associated with Turin or Torino. 02-06

  3. Olympics News 2006 (BBC News)
      Provides news. Associated with Turin. 02-06

  4. Olympics News 2006 Program Guide (BBC News)
      Provides a schedule of events. Associated with Turin. 02-06

  5. Olympics News 2006 Torino (
      Provides news. "Torino gave a heartfelt 'benvenuto' Friday night to the Olympic Winter Games, a fiery opening ceremony dedicated to passion and to igniting the competitive spirits of more than 2,500 of the world's best athletes." Associated with Turin. 02-06


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