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  1. -03-28-07 Iran TV Shows Captured British Sailors (BBC News)
      "Iranian state television has broadcast an interview with captured British female sailor Faye Turney and footage of the 14 servicemen seized with her." 03-07

  2. -06-17-07 Palestinian Split Poses Quandary for USA (New York Times)
      "With the two Palestinian territories increasingly isolated from each other by a week of brutal warfare between rival factions, Israel and the United States seem agreed on a policy to treat them as separate entities to support Fatah in the West Bank and squeeze Hamas in the Gaza Strip." 06-07

  3. -06-18-07 Analysts: US Mideast Policies Are Part of the Problem (Christian Science Monitor)
      "For a growing number of analysts, if the past year has brought any clarity, it is that US policy has largely backfired and added to the region's downward spiral of violence and economic troubles." 06-07

  4. -09-09-07 Is Iraq Making Political Gains? (Christian Science Monitor)
      "With even General Petraeus saying in a letter to his troops that in this political objective the surge 'has not worked out as we had hoped,' the debate in the days ahead will revolve primarily around the Iraqis' political shortcomings and what that should mean for US policy."

      "That debate falls broadly into three camps:"

      "1) The political failures show that Iraq is in a civil war the US cannot stop, so US troops should come home."

      "2) US security interests are served by the surge's military successes, and the rug should not be pulled out from under local Iraqis, such as the Sunnis of Anbar Province, who are starting to act without the central government."

      "3) As a "middle way," the US should begin a token troop drawdown in coming months to pressure the government of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki to make political progress and to get the US on the road to an orderly disengagement." 09-07

  1. 01-27-07 Review: One Country (MSNBC News)
      "One Country is an inspiring message of hope and reconciliation, and presents an intricate and well-crafted path for two peoples [Israeli and Palestinian] that deserve not only reconciliation, but also a prosperous future." 01-07


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