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  1. Iraq Timeline (August 2002 - January 2003)
  1. British Public Against War with Iraq (CNN - Rodgers)
      Claims that 75 to 80 percent of the British public is against a pre-emptive attack against Iraq, even though British Prime Minister Tony Blair is supporting President Bush. 1-03

  2. Bush Administration Threatens to Use Nuclear Retaliation (Fox News)
      "The United States is declaring that it will pull out all the stops and use any means necessary — including nuclear weapons — against Iraq or other hostile countries in response to a chemical or biological attack." 12-02

  3. Debate on Intervention in Iraq (
      Provides both sides of the debate on whether the USA should make a "first strike" military attack against Iraq. 8-02

  4. Draft Unlikely (CBS News)
      "A proposal to reinstate the military draft has little likelihood of being approved, lawmakers say, despite sympathy for the goal of sharing the burden of fighting a war more evenly among Americans of all races and classes." 1-03

  5. Essay - Reasons For and Against Ousting Saddam (PBS Newshour - Irene, Age 15)
      "A student from San Diego, Calif., presents the issue of whether the U.S. should force Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq." 2-03

  6. Europeans Split on Positions About War With Iraq (Independent News)
      "Tony Blair headed for a council of war with George Bush yesterday with the backing of seven European countries but with EU policy towards Iraq disintegrating into bitterness and division." 1-03

  7. Hussein, Saddam - Profile (BBC News)
      "Saddam Hussein has risen from an impoverished youth to a ruthless ruler. His turbulent history has seen him transformed from the West's ally to one of its most demonised and feared enemies. With a war against Iraq looking increasingly likely, BBC News Online traces the Iraqi leader's rise to power, his rule and wars with his neighbours." 1-03

  8. Iraqi Opposition Leaders (BBC News)
      Describes groups and leaders who may play a role in any attempt to overthrow Saddam Hussein as leader of Iraq. "US-led action against Saddam Hussein's regime in Iraq would likely involve the help of internal and external opponents of the regime." 8-02

  9. Key Questions in Iraq Debate (BB News - Hardy)
      "As an American attack on Iraq has grown more likely, an intense public debate has got under way among Republican commentators, many of them veterans of previous administrations." "What is at stake is not only the future shape of the Middle East, but in all probability the future of US foreign policy." 8-02

  10. Poll - Americans Do Not Want America to Attack Iraq Alone (CBS News)
      Provides results of a poll that finds that while Americans "approve of U.S. military action to try to remove him [Saddam], and believe war against Iraq is inevitable, most would prefer to wait -- for the U.N. to try to get weapons inspectors back into Iraq, for President Bush to get the approval of Congress, and for U.S. allies to join in." 9-02

  11. Positions of Different Countries Regarding War With Iraq (
      Analyzes the positions of a dozen countries regarding a USA-led war with Iraq. 12-02

  12. President's Proposal to Congress on War Powers (USA Today)
      "The president is authorized to use all means that he determines to be appropriate, including force, in order to enforce the United Nations Security Council resolutions referenced above, defend the national security interests of the United States against the threat posed by Iraq, and restore international peace and security in the region." 9-02

  13. Questions and Answers Regarding War With Iraq (BBC News - Reynolds)
      "As US President George Bush discusses the situation in Iraq with domestic and world leaders, BBC News Online's world affairs correspondent Paul Reynolds examines the issues which are leading towards a US-led war against Saddam Hussein and possible outcomes." BBC News is British. 9-02

  14. Sanctions - Effects on Children (CNN)
      Question - "Can we be assured that assistance [to Iraq] would go to the children, given Saddam Hussein's history?"

      Denis Halliday, former U.N. Humaniatrian Coordinator for Iraq answers, "Before the war, all Iraqi children were given breakfast and lunch in the school system. So, the fact is that we, the United Nations of the West, have demolished the human rights of the Iraqi children. There's no history of the Baath Party not meeting the basic human rights of Iraqi children. In summary, I think we have no basis to be suspicious of Baghdad’s approach to its own children."

      Question - "Aren't you concerned that by lifting sanctions now, you could give Saddam Hussein a major political victory and increase his prestige among the Iraqi people?"

      Halliday responds, "Yes, undoubtedly, he will claim a victory and, of course, he will also undoubtedly stay in power. If one considers the alternative, using UNICEF data, some 4-5,000 children are dying unnecessarily each month. I don't believe loss of face on the part of Washington or London is important if we can save the lives of the Iraqi people. I think we should do that, regardless of a victory or not a victory for Baghdad." 10-02

  15. Scientists in Iraq (BBC News - Westcott)
      Describes a few of Hussein's top scientists. "Saddam Hussein's top scientists may hold the key to the secrets of Iraq's weapons programmes, but tracking them down and interviewing them is posing one of the biggest challenges to weapons inspectors." 12-02

  16. Timetable for Iraq (BBC News)
      "The UN Security Council resolution on Iraq gave a timeframe of up to 15 weeks for a final verdict on whether or not Baghdad is developing weapons of mass destruction and ballistic missiles." 12-02

  17. U.N. Resolution Regarding Iraq and Weapons (BBC News)
      Provides "Extracts from the resolution on Iraq voted through unanimously at the United Nations Security Council." 12-02

  18. U.N. Resolution on Iraq (CNN)
      Provides the text of the U.N. resolution on Iraq (1441) regarding U.N. inspections for weapons of mass destruction. Editor's Note - U.N. resolution 1441 states:

      "False statements or omissions in the declarations submitted by Iraq pursuant to this resolution and failure by Iraq at any time to comply with, and co-operate fully in the implementation of this resolution, shall constitute a further material breach of Iraq's obligations and will be reported to the Council for assessment." 11-02

  19. Viewpoints of World Press (World Press Review)
      Provides viewpoints from press from different parts of the world regarding inspections in Iraq. 12-02

  20. World Views of an American War Against Iraq (World Press)
      Provides views from different cities of the world about a war initiated by the USA against Iraq. Includes the cities of Nairobi, Christchurch, Sydney, Bridgetown, Singapore, Cairo, Mexico City, Stockholm, Sofia, Beijing, Colombo, Karachi, Paris, Manama, Lagos, and São Paulo." 9-02


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