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Lesson Plans
  1. Afghanistan Cvil War and Civil Rights Lesson Plan (PBS)
      Provides resources activities and discussions for high school students to better understand conditions in Afghanistan. 11-01

  1. Abdul Haq - Afghan Hero (Guardian)
      Describes a key Pashtun Afghan hero who was assisting the United States in developing an alternative government to take over from the Taliban. He was, however, caught by the Taliban while on a heroic mission to help the people of Afghanistan. 10-01

  2. Afghan Women as Co-Leaders (Christian Science Monitor)
      Discusses the role of women in the early 1990's and argues for a strong role for women in leadership positions in the future. 11-01

  3. Afghanistan - Challenges of New Government (Christian Science Monitor - Prusher)
      Discusses some of the challenges of then new government in Afghanistan, such as a lack of infrastructure to distribute aid to those in greatest need. 12-01

  4. Afghanistan - Kabul Prefers Taliban (Electronic Telegraph - Spillius)
      Provides an overview of the state of battle in Afghanistan between the Taliban and the Northern Alliance. 11-99


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