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Haig, Alexander

  1. Haig, Alexander: Haig Dies at 85 (CBS News)
      " 'As of now, I am in control here in the White House.' "

      "It is a pity that he will be most remembered for this unfortunate sound bite, from March 30, 1981. It was an inaccurate assertion that the then-Secretary of State made to reporters in the White House briefing room, after gunman John Hinckley nearly assassinated the new President, Ronald Reagan. The comment revealed both an inaccurate understanding of the Constitution ('Constitutionally, gentlemen, you have the President, the Vice President and the Secretary of State in that order.') and Haig's own thirst for power."

      "The great irony was that there had been a time, seven years before, when Haig really had been in control at the White House. At that point, the country didn't know it. In retrospect, however, we should be glad that he was." 02-10

  2. Haig, Alexander: Haig Dies at 85 (CBS News)
      "Former U.S. Secretary of State Alexander Haig, a four-star general who served as a top adviser to three presidents and ran for the office himself, has died. He was 85." 02-10


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