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Davis, Ossie

  1. Davis, Ossie (
      Provides a biography of the actor. "In addition to a luminous career in entertainment, Davis has also been an eloquent and prominent figure for the civil rights movement." 1-05

  2. Davis, Ossie (CBS News)
      "Ossie Davis, the actor distinguished for roles dealing with racial injustice on stage, screen and in real life, has died, an aide said Friday. He was 87." 2-05

  3. Davis, Ossie (Seattle Times)
      Provides a biography of the actor. "Nobody has the right to choose somebody else's causes, yes."

      "But the self-preserving silence of modern black celebrity, the all-things-to-all-people muteness of it, only makes you appreciate that much more the courage of those like Davis who were are? willing to risk celebrity for the greater good."

      " 'We can't float through life," he said in a PBS radio interview in November. "We can't be incidental or accidental.' "

      "To his everlasting credit, R.C. Davis was neither of those things. That's more than many of us can say." 2-05

  4. Davis, Ossie and Ruby Dee (Indiana University)
      Provides a biography of the actors. "Since meeting on Broadway in the 1946 production of Jeb, Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee have excelled as collaborators and as individuals (they married in 1948), and they often broke new ground for African Americans." 1-05


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