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Cronkite, Walter

  1. Iconic Anchorman Walter Cronkite Dies (
      "Cronkite pioneered the airwaves as a trusted anchorman, raising CBS Evening News to a ratings rank yet to be reproduced by the network."

      "But even before he was voted the 'most trusted man in America' by a nationwide survey in 1995, Cronkite had traveled the world, covering World War II battles and Nazi war crime trials for The United Press." 07-09

  2. Walter Cronkite Dies (ABC News)
      "Cronkite, who was once voted the 'most trusted man in America,' was 92. At the end of his career in 1985, 84 percent in a Roper Poll said he'd done an excellent or good job as CBS' longstanding anchor."

      " 'Walter was always more than just an anchor,' President Obama said Friday in a prepared statement. " 'He was someone we could trust to guide us through the most important issues of the day; a voice of certainty in an uncertain world. He was family. He invited us to believe in him, and he never let us down.' "

      "Cronkite became best known on CBS News during the 1960s when he established the prominent role of the television news anchorman for the network's newly expanded evening news program." 07-09

  3. Walter Cronkite, the "Father" of Television News (ABC News)
      " 'Walter was truly the father of television news. The trust that viewers placed in him was based on the recognition of his fairness, honesty and strict objectivity,' said '60 Minutes' correspondent Morley Safer in a statement."

      Cronkite disliked the "corporatization of news."

      " 'The nation whose population depends on the explosively compressed headline service of television news can expect to be exploited by the demagogues and dictators who prey upon the semi-informed,' he wrote in his 1996 memoir, 'A Reporter's Life.' "

      "Mike Wallace, '60 Minutes' correspondent emeritus, said simply: 'We were proud to work with him -- for him -- we loved him.' " 07-09

  1. Walter Cronkite Remembered (CNN News)
      "Friends and colleagues of legendary CBS anchorman Walter Cronkite gathered Wednesday in New York's Lincoln Center to remember 'the most trusted man in America.' "

      " 'He was a great anchorman in the news business, because his greatest contribution was not his knowledge or his expertise -- as great as those were -- it was his steady holding to what was most important,' said his colleague and longtime friend, Andy Rooney, who addressed the crowd in a recorded video from behind his well-known desk." 09-09


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