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Armstrong, Louie

  1. Armstrong, Louie (
      Provides a biography of the man considered to be the greatest contributor to the development of jazz as a musical form. Includes music 1-01

  2. Armstrong, Louis (
      "One of the greatest jazz musicians of all time, Louis Armstrong was responsible for innovations that filtered down through popular music to rock and roll. Armstrong himself put it like this: 'If it hadn't been for jazz, there wouldn't be no rock and roll.' If it hadn't been for Armstrong, popular music of all kinds - from jazz and blues to rock and roll - would be considerably poorer. As a trumpet player, Armstrong was a pioneering soloist and one of the first true virtuosos in jazz. As a singer, he was one of the originators of scat-singing, and his warm, ebullient vocal style had a big impact on the way all pop music was sung. As an entertainer, his charismatic presence allowed him to break through race barriers to become one of the first black superstars - a figure who would eventually become known as America's Jazz Ambassador." 9-03


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