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Arafat, Yasser

  1. Arafat, Yasser - Biography (
      "Mohammed Abdel-Raouf Arafat As Qudwa al-Hussaeini was born on 24 August 1929 in Cairo**, his father a textile merchant who was a Palestinian with some Egyptian ancestry, his mother from an old Palestinian family in Jerusalem."

      In a speech at a special United Nations session held in Geneva, Switzerland, Arafat declared that the PLO renounced terrorism and supported 'the right of all parties concerned in the Middle East conflict to live in peace and security, including the state of Palestine, Israel and other neighbours.' "

      The prospects for a peace agreement with Israel now brightened. After a setback when the PLO supported Iraq in the Persian Gulf War of 1991, the peace process began in earnest, leading to the Oslo Accords of 1993."

      "This agreement included provision for the Palestinian elections which took place in early 1996, and Arafat was elected President of the Palestine Authority." Arafat won the Nobel Peace Prize for his work with Israel and the United States toward peace in the Middle East. 1-05

  2. Arafat, Yasser - Biography (
      "In his lifetime a guerrilla, a Fatah leader, and a statesman, Arafat's supporters viewed him as a freedom fighter who expressed and symbolized the national aspirations of the Palestinian people for forty years. Opponents, particularly Israelis and their supporters, considered Arafat a terrorist, while hard-line proponents of Palestine liberation denounced Arafat as a Zionist collaborator for allegedly attempting to negotiate a settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict." 1-05

  3. Essay - Arafat and American Leadership Necessary for Peace (The Guardian - Hirst)
      Argues that if Arafat is killed, there will be little chance for peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians in the Middle East. Hirst states that leaders who are much more extreme will take Arafat's place. He also warns that the USA must take a leadership role quickly. (The Guardian is a British newspaper.) 3-02

  4. U.S. Refuses to Protect Arafat from Israelis (BBC)
      "Arab diplomats have condemned Washington's decision to veto a UN Security Council draft resolution denouncing Israel's policy of 'removing' Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat."

      "The recriminations follow a harsh debate at the UN during which more than 40 governments condemned the Israeli position [to remove Arafat]." 9-03

  5. Vote Backs Arafat (CNN News)
      "The U.N. General Assembly approved a resolution Friday calling for Israel to back down from its threat to 'remove' Palestinian Authority President Yasser Arafat."

      "There were 133 in favor, four opposed and 15 that abstained. The four voting against were Israel, the United States, Micronesia and the Marshall Islands."

      "The General Assembly vote, which is not legally binding, came after the United States vetoed a similar resolution at the Security Council on Tuesday."

      "The resolution demands that Israel 'desist from any act of deportation and cease any threat to the safety of the elected president of the Palestinian Authority.' " 9-03

  6. Yasser Arafat Dies at 75 (CNN News)
      "Palestinian Authority President Yasser Arafat, 75, the leader who passionately sought a homeland for his people but was seen by many Israelis as a ruthless terrorist and a roadblock to peace, died early Thursday in Paris." 11-04


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