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  1. -04-16-07 Mites Regain Mating Ability After Losing It (MSNBC News)
      "Their calculations show the sexual Crotoniidae evolved from the asexual Camisiidae, the first known reversal to sexuality from asexuality within the animal kingdom. (The only other known such reversal is a plant, the mouseear hawkweed, or Hieracium pilosella.)"

      "The Crotoniidae and the Camisiidae are types of mites known as oribatids, where parthenogenesis is unusually widespread, seen in nearly one-tenth of the roughly 10,000 known oribatid species." 04-07

  1. Virgin Shark Gave Birth (MSNBC News)
      "Scientists have confirmed the second case of a 'virgin birth' in a shark" through parthenogenesis. 10-08


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