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Toxic Wastes

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  1. Pollution
  1. Bacteria Eat Toxic Compounds (Nature - Adam)
      Describes bacteria that digest chlorinated benzene chemicals, such as solvents, to clean up toxic wastes. 11-00

  2. Mercury Poisoning Victims Step Up Fight (
      " In the 50 years since contaminated fish in Minamata Bay first alerted the world to silent killers in the food chain, Japan's government has approved compensation to only 2,265 of about 23,000 people who sought it. New lawsuits are mounting as sufferers like Sato age, and neurological effects such as loss of coordination, speech and vision worsen." 06-06

  3. Toxic Waste Reduction (Michigan State University)
      Describes methods to clean up pollution and toxic wastes, including the use of microbes. 2-01


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