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Thin Film Solar

  1. -07-24-08 Innovlight Proposes Inexpensive Solar (
      "Innovalight is developing a silicon nanocrystalline ink, which supposedly will have the advantage of high throughput print manufacturing — without the lowered efficiency CIGS-based solar technologies suffer. The company says its technology 'could be as much as ten times cheaper than current solar cell solutions.' " 07-08

  2. -07-24-08 Thin Film Solar Advance Announced (
      "Global Solar has developed a proprietary process for manufacturing thin-film CIGS photovoltaic cells and modules, and is the only company reliably producing CIGS that can be encapsulated in traditional glass modules or in a flexible substrate." 07-08

  3. -07-24-08 Thin Film Solar Dots (
      "Innovalight says that by controlling the sizes of the dots (from 2 to 10 nanometers) the company can tailor what part of the light spectrum is absorbed. This allows capture of everything from infrared to ultraviolet and the visible spectrum in between which is not possible with conventional technology." 07-08

  4. -07-24-08 Thin Film Solar at 100-Feet-per-Minute (
      "For all those that have been waiting to catch a glimpse of how Nanosolar has been printing its next-generation thin film solar cells, here’s some eye candy for you. The company, which started manufacturing in just December, put up this video clip of what the company says is the solar industry’s first 1 GW production tool." 07-08

  5. -10-31-08 Thin Film Solar (
      "There are countless ways to manufacture solar panels, but there's only one metric that counts: how the cost of solar power compares with that of electricity from fossil fuels. Until energy from the sun can beat energy from coal at the marketplace, solar will remain a niche player, adorning the rooftops of those who care more for their green reputation than for their bottom lines. Enter Nanosolar, a San Jose-based start-up that manufactures thin-film solar panels. Unlike the bulky silicon panels that dominate the solar market, Nanosolar thin-film technology is light and extremely cheap to make. The key is the manufacturing process: while silicon panels need to be baked in batches, Nanosolar's thin-film panels roll off the assembly line, as if from a printing press." 07-08

  6. Recycling Solar Cells (
      "A few solar companies are already offering their own recycling schemes. First Solar, based in Tempe, Arizona, offers to take back and recycle all the cadmium telluride thin-film solar cells it produces. And the industry-backed European association PV Cycle, based in Brussels in Belgium, is implementing a voluntary take-back and recycle programme that it hopes to have running by 2015." 10-10


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