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  1. Cultivating the World's "Green" Leaders (National Geographic)
      "For many universities around the world, the college experience has become more environmentally friendly, from recycling to renewable energy use to biking to class."

      "But at EARTH University in eastern Costa Rica, the quest for green extends far beyond campus lifeóit's the main focus of study."

      " 'We're forming leaders to go out and influence their communities and their countries to take greater care of the Earth and change the world,' said Josť Zaglul, the university's president." 04-08

  1. Editorial: Green Energy Works Better When Publicly Owned (
      "Imagine if ten years ago, instead of paying that $4 trillion dollars to private for-profit utilities, we had bought ownership of a national renewable utility. We could already have in place a 100% green electric company that would be providing our electricity at cost. Which, after recouping the capital expense and upkeep costs, would then be 'selling' our own electricity to us for just about zero."

      "Our new green energy future works very well as a non-profit utility, and doesnít seem to be possible in the for-profit capitalistic system. Not all needed services work in the free enterprise model. Police, Fire departments donít. Sewer and water systems donít."

      "And electric utilities work better when they are publicly owned." 09-13


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