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Toyota Hybrids

  1. Review of the 2009 Yaris and the 2009 Prius by Toyota (
      "If you don’t have many passengers, the Insight is a great choice. If you’re constantly giving someone a ride or hauling lots of things, the Fit may be better for you." 04-09

  2. Review of the 2010 Prius (
      "For the first time in the US, the 2010 Prius lets the driver select among three optional driving modes that differ from the standard tuning"

      "The first is Eco, which cuts down the acceleration a bit and boosts mileage a lot. Then there's Power mode, which does just the opposite--cutting your time to accelerate from 30 to 50 mph from 5.8 seconds down to 4.1 seconds. Finally, there's EV Mode, which makes the car run electric-only (under 26 mph) for as long as the battery holds out." 04-09

  3. Review of the 2010 Prius and 2010 Insight (
      "The Insight has already proven itself against the 2009 Prius. But now that the 2010 Toyota Prius has appeared with its bigger engine, all-new chassis and 50-mpg EPA-combined fuel economy rating, it is a much tougher hybrid cookie (bursting with high-fiber organic oats and fair-trade chocolate chips!)." 04-09

  1. 2007 Toyota Camry Hybrid (MSN Autos)
      "The Camry Hybrid looks just a bit different on the outside than the gas-only sedan. The hybrid's grille has a metallic look, and headlight reflectors have a blue tint. There also are underbody fairing panels to direct airflow efficiently, and taillights are light-emitting diodes. The hybrid is the only Camry to get an acoustic-dampening windshield, which keeps passengers away from the high-frequency noises that can emanate from the electric power system."

      "The Camry has Toyota's newest, fourth-generation Hybrid Synergy Drive system, which uses an Atkinson cycle variant of the 2.4.-liter four-cylinder engine found in the base Camry. Atkinson cycle engines provide a more fuel-efficient operation than regular internal combustion engines." Gets an estimated 43 mpg city and 37 mpg highway. 02-06

  2. 2008 Prius Expected to Be Revised for 2008 (
      "The new hybrid system will still use a 1.5 Liter engine, but Toyota insiders claim an amazing figure: 95 MPG!!! Even it these numbers are (Like the current model's official numbers) inflated, that might still mean at least 70MPG in real life driving." 01-07

  3. 2008 Prius Expected to Carry a New Type of Lithium-Ion Batteries (
      "Spies at AutoExpress in the UK have dug up some info on the next generation Toyota Prius hybrid that indicates it will be capable of fuel efficiency approaching 100 miles per gallon." A key part of this improvement is a new technology, lithium-ion batteries based on manganese oxide. 01-07

  4. 2012 Prius Plug-in (Motor Trend)
      "You plug it in to an electrical outlet and, fully charged, it will go in electric mode for about 12 miles of gentle urban running. After that it switches back to the usual Prius hybrid powertrain where a blend of electric and gas power drives the wheels." 05-10

  5. 2012 Prius V (
      "But now Toyota reintroduces confusion to the Prius brand by creating new models that share the name. The first of these to hit the market will be the 2012 Prius V, a car that uses similar styling and power train to the current Prius, but offers substantially increased cargo area and seating room." 06-11

  6. Best Mileage in a Toyota Prius Hybrid (
      Provides a guide to getting the best mpg. 12-06

  7. Early Look at Possible 2009 Prius (Popular
      "Toyota may be the first to market with a plug-in hybrid electric (PHEV) vehicle. Today, we were briefed on Toyota’s future hybrid and alternative fuel plans." 07-07

  8. Hybrid Gas and Electric Autos (Toyota)
      Provides information on the new Prius, a car that runs on a combination of gas and electricity. The EPA claims that this family size car gets 55 miles per gallon. The Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) option is recommended for maximum control during adverse conditions. Awesome Library does not endorse this product, but only provides it as an example. See "Tax Break Update" at lower left for certification letters to qualify for up to a $2,000 tax deduction. 12-04

  9. Hybrid Toyota Prius (
      Provides drawings and an animation to show how the hybrid gas and electric automobile works. 11-00.

  10. Hybrid Toyota Prius for 2004 (
      "After three years in its prior form, Toyota’s hybrid-powered Prius has been redesigned, enlarged and moved from compact to midsize status. Rather than a four-door sedan, as in its previous iteration, the 2004 model is a stylish five-door liftback." 8-04

  11. Hybrid Toyota Prius for 2004 (
      "The Prius has been completely redesigned and re-engineered for 2004, and the technology in this newest iteration is way ahead of the 2003 Prius as well as anything any other manufacturer has to offer." The Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) option is recommended for maximum control during adverse conditions. 1-04

  12. Hybrid Toyota Prius for 2004 (
      "The Prius has been completely redesigned and re-engineered for 2004, and the technology in this newest iteration is way ahead of the 2003 Prius as well as anything any other manufacturer has to offer." The Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) option is recommended for maximum control during adverse conditions.

      "It's also the most fuel-efficient five-passenger car sold in America, rated at 60/51 mpg City/Highway by the EPA." 1-04

  13. Prius Brakes a Problem (CBS News)
      "The Transportation Department has opened an investigation into brake problems in the 2010 model year Toyota Prius after the Japanese automaker acknowledged design problems with the brakes in its prized gas-electric hybrid. "

      "The Japanese government has ordered Toyota to investigate brake problems. The automaker said it had corrected problems with the antilock brake system in Prius models sold since late last month, including those shipped overseas." 02-10

  14. Prius May Have a Traction Control Problem (Consumer
      "Trust is becoming an illusive quality for a growing number of Prius owners forced to deal with snowy weather and slippery or unstable road conditions." 07-07

  15. Review of the 2007 Toyota Camry Hybrid (
      "The good: The 2007 Toyota Camry Hybrid is a comfortable, well-appointed sedan, equipped with a bevy of technology, from the economical hybrid propulsion system to a raft of standard in-car devices, including a Bluetooth interface and a premium audio system."

      "The bad: The Camry's optional GPS navigation unit struggles with voice commands and can lose its bearings when out of town. Alternating between power sources can lead to a jerky ride." 07-07

  16. Toyota Camry Hybrid (MSN Autos)
      "The Camry Hybrid is the new gasoline-electric hybrid version of Toyota’s midsize sedan that utilizes the Hybrid Synergy Drive with both gasoline and electric power sources that varies power between gas and electric, or both, as needed." 11-06

  17. Toyota Energy-Efficient Cars for the Family (
      Compares the Matrix, Prius, Rav4, Camry, and Highlander. They range in price from $16,000 (Matrix) to $32,000 (Highlander). Only the Prius, Camry, and Highlander are hybrids. 01-07

  18. Toyota Highlander Hybrid (MSN Autos)
      Provides a description of the hybrid. 12-05

  19. Toyota Knew About Brake Problem (CNN News)
      "Prius hybrid cars coming off Toyota's assembly line in Japan have had an improved version of the software used to control the cars' brakes since January."

      "That's little consolation to those driving Priuses made before then which seem to be the source of mounting complaints about brake performance and have been linked to four crashes." 02-10

  20. Toyota Sienna Minivan Hybrid (
      "It’s likely that the Sienna Hybrid will be the first hybrid-power minivan on the American retail market, but Toyota has not announced a date. (2008 is our best guess.)" 12-06

  21. Turning the Prius into a Plug-in Hybrid (
      "The California Cars Initiative (CalCars), a non-profit startup dedicated to jump-starting the market for plug-in hybrids (PHEV), is building a prototype Prius (the Prius+) capable of functioning as a plug-in hybrid and running in full EV (electric vehicle) mode for longer distances than possible with the original Toyota equipment." 12-06

Purchase Resources
  1. Prius Electric-Only Mode Kit (
      "This kit allows you (in just a few minutes) to activate the electric feature of your Prius and drive for short distances. The software already present in the car will automatically restart the engine when the battery needs to be recharged or if you need to accelerate quickly. The electric only feature can be turned on and used up to a speed of around 34 mph at which time it will automatically turn off and the car will operate as usual."

      Awesomelibrary does not endorse this product but provides it as an example. 11-06


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