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  1. -12-11-05 Potential Progress on Global Warming (Guardian Unlimited)
      "Of particular note is the agreement of India and China, the world's two new industrial superpowers, to play an active part in future negotiations. These two countries, which are now ranked as developing nations, are exempt from the Kyoto climate agreement, even though they are pumping out massive amounts of carbon dioxide from new power plants. In acknowledging this fact, India and China have sent a signal to the rest of the world that they understand that climate change is their problem as much as it is the West's."

      "As Thorpe points out, the world faces a rise of a further 2C or 3C on top of the 1C rise it has experienced since the start of the Industrial Revolution. However, only a 60 per cent cut in current greenhouse gas emissions will produce a stabilisation around that level. To date, politicians have not even got close to debating the kind of industrial changes that could bring that about." 12-05

  2. Fuel Cell Motorcycle (
      "A British company that unveiled a fuel cell motorcycle earlier this year has announced that it hopes to have the zero-emission vehicles for sale by 2006 at a price of $6,000. Meeting that goal would make Intelligent Energy the first company to have a production-line fuel cell vehicle of any kind on the market." 6-05


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