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Energy Storage

Battery Power
Compressed Air Energy Storage
Flywheel Energy Storage
Gravity Power
Pumped Hydro Energy Storage

  1. Comparison of Types of Energy Storing Technologies (
      Includes a chart for each type of storage technology. The chart provides main advantages, disadvantages, power application, and energy application. 06-12

  2. Comparison of Types of Energy Storing Technologies (
      "Utility-scale energy storage in the field today is limited to pumped hydro, a few large deployments using compressed air energy storage (CAES), hundreds of megawatts of sodium sulphur (NaS) batteries, mostly in Japan, and some experiments with banks of lithium-ion batteries, nickel-cadmium batteries and regenerative fuel cells (flow batteries)."

      "Improvements in batteries, fuel cells, hydrogen storage, ultracapacitors, flywheels, phase-change materials, SMES, etc., will come from incremental advances in materials science. Although a black swan would be most welcome in this field, we are dealing with the limits of known elements, compounds and physics. Maybe some revolutionary advance will rock our paradigms, but for now, improvements in energy storage will come from hard, slow work in the labs of materials scientists." 06-12

  3. Electricity Storage Association (
      "The Electricity Storage Association is an international trade association established to foster development and commercialization of energy storage technologies. Our mission is to promote the development and commercialization of competitive and reliable energy storage delivery systems for use by electricity suppliers and their customers." 06-12

  4. Types of Energy Storage Sytems (RenewableEnergyWorld.ocm)
      "Energy storage has long been touted as the silver bullet needed for widespread renewable energy adoption but costs have remained high. Today, several projects hold promise." 06-12


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