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Engines and Motors

  1. Early Look at Possible 2009 Prius (Popular
      "Toyota may be the first to market with a plug-in hybrid electric (PHEV) vehicle. Today, we were briefed on Toyota’s future hybrid and alternative fuel plans." 07-07

  2. High Efficiency Rand Cam Engine Developed (
      Provides a description and animation of the engine. 10-07

  3. High Efficiency Rand Cam Engine Developed (
      "The Rand Cam(TM) rotary engine is reported to be lighter, more efficient, and quieter than a traditional engine, the Rand Cam(TM) rotary engine produces three times more power per pound of weight than the piston engines that dominate today's market." 10-07

  4. High Efficiency Rand Cam Engine Developed (
      "The engine functions by using two opposing and identical disc-shaped rotors that are offset by 90 degrees around the central shaft. These rotors have a sinusoidal side profile with two 'bumps' and two 'valleys'. Both rotors turn in the same direction within the housing and are separated by a central section. Inlaid in this central section are 12 vanes that can slide between one or the other rotor housing but do not turn with the engine's rotation. Since both rotors are offset and opposed, the straight-line distance between the two rotors is always the same. This allows for the vanes to move from one side to the other without breaking. The rotors are also called Cams, due to the camming action they use to move the vanes."

      "As opposed to a Wankel engine, which has a moving combustion chamber, the rand-cam engine's combustion chamber is fixed due to the stationary nature of the vanes, yet varies in size due to the rotor's motion."

      "The advantage of the rand-cam engine is its compactness and power output. Whereas a 4-cycle piston engine's piston only fires once every other turn of the crankshaft, and a Wankel engine fires once every turn of the e-shaft, a Rand-cam engine fires 24 times per revolution of its main shaft. It can also achieve high compression ratios for diesel operation." 10-07


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