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  1. Sinkholes in Guatemala City (
      "After a weekend of heavy rain brought on by tropical storm Agatha, the Guatemalan government posted this picture of a giant sinkhole that opened without warning in the countryís capital of Guatemala City."

      "The sinkhole, which runs some 200 ft. deep, swallowed a three-story building and left one man missing when it opened on Sunday, according to the Daily Mail." 06-10

  2. Sinkholes: The Physics of Cave-Ins (
      "Hereís a quick word on the how of it all: Sinkholes typically occur where the surface rock is comprised of limestone, salt beds, carbonate rock or other material that can naturally be dissolved by the ground water coursing underground. Itís this water that slowly chips away at the underground foundation, slowly eroding and destabilizing the bedrock, creating new hidden caves that eventually give way in violent episodes." 06-10


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