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  1. Botanical Terms (GardenWeb)
      Provides a searchable dictionary of botanical terms. 12-99

  2. Garden Plant Search (GardenWeb)
      Provides a search for plants by name. Many plants have been included, but descriptions are far from complete. 12-99

  3. Native Plants by State (Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center)
      Provides sources of information on wildflowers by state.

  4. Search for Plants (Plants for a Future)
      Provides searches for plants by name, habitat, use, or area where grown. 10-09

  1. Carnivorous Plants (
      Describes carnivorous plants. "A plant is carnivorous if it attracts, captures, and kills animal life forms. It must also digest and absorb the nutrients from the prey to qualify as a carnivorous plant." 12-01

  2. Flora of California (
      Provides pictures, common names, and scientific names of flora of California. The list of flora is fairly comprehensive but not all listed plants have pictures yet. 9-01

  3. Ginkgo Biloba Tree (Kwant)
      Provides comprehensive information on the tree, including history, usage, propogation, and more. 3-00

  4. Ginkgo Biloba Tree Uses (Kwant)
      Provides information on the herbal uses, as well as ceremonial and ornamental uses. 3-00

  5. Plants (U.S. Department of Agriculture) star
      Provides a comprehensive listing of plants, by characteristics, classification, cultural significance, invasive and noxious, threatened and endangered, alternative crops, and more. Also searches for plants by scientific name or common name. Includes a factsheet, distribution in the USA, classification, a picture, characteristics, and similar information on each plant. 3-01

  6. Propagation of the Ginkgo Biloba Tree (Kwant)
      Provides comprehensive information on propogation, including graphics. 3-00


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