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  1. Pet Food Recall (
      Provides a list of products for cats that are on the recall list for possibly causing kidney failure and death.

  1. "No-Kill" Shelters for Dogs and Cats? (MSNBC News)
      "When the Richmond SPCA in Virginia announced plans to become a no-kill animal shelter beginning in 2002, there was one thing that CEO Robin Starr didnít expect: vocal opposition from local rescue groups."

  2. Cat Anatomy (National Geographic)
      Provides details of different parts of a cat's anatomy, such as how the claw is extended. 5-02

  3. Cats - Selection (
      Provides suggestions on selecting a cat for a pet. 8-00

  4. Cats - Tapeworms (Centers for Disease Control and Preventionr)
      Provides a factsheet on dog and cat tapeworms, including treatment. Visitors sometimes misspell as tape worms. 6-01

  5. Cats by Breed ( star
      Provides information on cats by breed. Click on the name of the cat (on the left side of their Web page) for additional information on each breed. Includes Abyssinian, American Curl, American Shorthair, American Wirehair, Balinese, Bengal, Birman, Bombay, British Shorthair, Burmese, Burmilla, Chartreux, Colorpoint Shorthair, Cornish Rex, Cymric, Devon Rex, Egyptian Mau, Exotic Shorthair, Foreign Burmese, Havanna Brown, Himalayan, Japanese Bobtail, Javanese, Kashmir, Korat, Maine Coon, Manx, Norwegian Forest Cat, Ocicat, Oriental Longhair, Oriental Shorthair, Persian, Peke-faced Persian, Ragdoll, Russian Blue, Scottish Fold, Siamese, Siberian, Singapura, Somali, Sphynx, Tonkinese, Turkish Angora, and Turkish Van. 8-00


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