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  1. -12-08-05 Protein p25 Associated with Alzheimer's Disease -- and Creativity (
      " Researchers have found evidence that may partially exonerate a protein known to be a culprit in the progression of Alzheimer's disease. Their new studies show that the protein p25, which wreaks havoc in the brains of patients with Alzheimer's disease, also has a good side in promoting the plasticity of the brain." 12-05.

  2. -12-11-05 NASA Looking to Savant for Answers (Guardian Unlimited)
      Kim Peek "knows 9,000 books off by heart; he can direct people around US cities from maps he has memorised years ago; and he has total recall of the dates of all major world events."

      "Kim - now 54 - was born with a malformed cerebellum, at the base of his brain, and lacks a corpus callosum, the thick bundle of nerves that normally connects the brain's two hemispheres. As a child he was assumed to be suffering from severe mental retardation." 12-05


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