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  1. -06-27-05 NASA: Possible Fireworks on the Fourth (CBS News)
      "NASA hopes to shoot off its own celestial sparks in an audacious mission that will blast a stadium-sized hole in a comet half the size of Manhattan. It would give astronomers their first peek at the inside of one of these heavenly bodies." 6-05

  2. -07-04-05 NASA Strikes Comet (CNN News)
      "A NASA space probe slammed into a comet early Monday, capping a six-month mission that researchers hope will give them new clues about the birth of our solar system." 7-05

  3. -07-04-05 NASA Strikes Comet (International Herald Tribune)
      "On Sunday night, NASA fired a 3-foot-wide, 820-pound copper barrel directly into the path of a 9-mile-long, potato-shaped comet by the name of Tempel 1. The two successfully collided at 23,000 mph while a mother craft photographed the action from a safe distance and sent the pictures home to us."

      "Beneath the dirty ice crust of a comet like Tempel 1 is material that has been in deep-freeze since the birth of our solar system. Mixed into this timeless frozen treat are organic molecules like those that seeded the young Earth with raw materials for making life. That ice may hold some buried chapters of the story of our origin." 7-05


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