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  1. Desert Shrews (
      "Shrews, which are insectivores rather than rodents, are intriguing little animals. They are voracious nocturnal predators with a high metabolic rates—in fact so high that they must hunt and eat frequently or face the real possibility of quickly dying of starvation."

  2. Shrews (
      "They eat anything available, but prefer small animals; they are economically important as destroyers of insects and slugs that harm crops. Shrews are easily startled and will jump, faint, or drop dead at a sudden noise. They are vicious fighters, killing and eating larger animals, such as mice, as well as other shrews." 4-05

  3. Shrews (IPM of Alaska)
      "Shrews eat insects, spiders, slugs, and other small invertebrates. Some species are dependent upon plant matter, but most will eat any kind of meat. Shrews are cannibalistic and will readily kill and eat each other, or feed upon ones caught in traps or other enclosed areas. In western Interior Alaska, shrews will feed on blackfish that have come to the surface at holes in frozen-over lakes." 4-05


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