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  1. Horses (HorseNet)
      Provides links to sources on horses. 10-09

  2. Horses (Info Service)
      Provides a list of resources on horses, including types of horses and a history of horses.

  3. Horses - Beginner's Guide ( - Pedigo)
      Provides tips about buying and maintaining a horse, as well as taking riding lessons. Includes a compreshensive guide on horses. 2-01

  1. Horse Evolution ( - Hunt)
      Provides evidence on the evolution of horses. (No pictures are included.) "A Question for Creationists: Creationists who wish to deny the evidence of horse evolution should careful consider this: how else can you explain the sequence of horse fossils? Even if creationists insist on ignoring the transitional fossils (many of which have been found), again, how can the unmistakable sequence of these fossils be explained? Did God create Hyracotherium, then kill off Hyracotherium and create some Hyracotherium-Orohippus intermediates, then kill off the intermediates and create Orohippus, then kill off Orohippus and create Epihippus, then allow Epihippus to 'microevolve' into Duchesnehippus, then kill off Duchesnehippus and create Mesohippus, then create some Mesohippus-Miohippus intermediates, then create Miohippus, then kill off Mesohippus, etc.....each species coincidentally similar to the species that came just before and came just after?" 02-06

  2. Horse Evolution in North America (
      Provides descriptions of each stage in the horse's evolution. Provides a listing of resources on horses at the end of the article.

  3. Horse Fossils by Epoch (Florida Museum of Natural History)
      Provides an exhibit of horse fossils, organized by epoch. 5-01

  4. Horses - Health Care
      Provides a guide to equine health care. 10-09

  5. Horses - Selection (
      Provides suggestions on selecting a horse. 8-00

  6. Horses - Selection (
      Provides suggestions on selecting a horse. 8-00

  7. Horses by Breed ( star
      Provides descriptions and pictures of horses by breed. Includes American Miniature Horse, American Saddlebred, Appaloosa, Arabian, Hanoverian, Morgan, Paint, Palomino, Quarter Horse, Standardbred, Tennessee Walking Horse, Thoroughbred, Trakehener, Connemara Pony, Pony of the Americas, Shetland Pony, and Welsh Pony. 8-00


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