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Lesson Plans
  1. Elephants (MacKenzie)
      Includes news, pictures, protection, anatomy, descriptions, videos, sounds, and more. 7-00

  1. Elephants (Zoological Society of San Diego)
      Provides a description and includes pictures. 12-04

  2. Elephants - African (Kids' Planet)
      Includes a description and a drawing.

  3. Elephants - African (Oakland Zoo)
      Provides facts, sounds, and movies. "Elephants have the largest brain size versus body weight other than man." Status - "Endangered because of loss of habitat and because of poaching for ivory."

  4. Elephants - African and Asian (African Wildlife Foundation)
      Provides descriptions and pictures. 1-01

  5. Elephants - Debate on the Ban on Ivory (WhyFiles)
      Discusses efforts to save the elephant by banning the sale of ivory. 6-02

  6. Why We Won't Miss Elephants (
      "Ive been making wildlife films in East Africa with my partner, Vicky, for 25 years ( Now, together with Etienne Oliff and a small team, were making a film about elephants. By the time it is finished, well have devoted five years to it. In that same time about a quarter of a million elephants will have been killed in Africa, by poachers." 02-14


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