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  1. Introduction to the t-Test (University of Leicester)
      Describes the conditions that must be met in order to use of the test.

      "Z-test and t-test are basically the same, they compare between two means to suggest whether both samples come from the same population. There are however variations on the theme for the t-test. If you have a sample and wish to compare it with a known mean (e.g. national average) the single sample t-test is available. If both of your samples are not independent of each other and have some factor in common, i.e. geographical location or before/after treatment, the paired sample t-test can be applied. There are also two variations on the two sample t-test, the first uses samples that do not have equal variances and the second uses samples whose variances are equal."

  2. Student's t-Test for Independent Samples (MacFarland)
      Describes how and why to use a t-test.

  3. t-Test Problem (
      Provides an example of how to calculate a t-test.

  4. t-Test for Dependent and Independent Samples (
      Describes the concepts and methods.

  5. t-Test for Independent Samples (
      Describes the concepts and methods.


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