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  1. Basic Yoga Movements (
      "These movements are very useful to beginners, who want to start doing yoga but don't have any experience of yoga or any other exercise." 9-04

  2. Hatha Yoga Postures (Path Communications)
      Provides eleven basic yoga postures. Uses PDF format. 5-02

  3. Hatha Yoga Practice - Sun Salutation (
      Provides an animated figure to show how to do one of the basic yoga practices, Surya Namaskar. "Surya Namaskar, the Sun Salutation, is a series of 12 postures performed in a single, graceful flow." 5-02

  4. Hatha Yoga Practices (
      Provides an animated figure to show how to do some of the basic yoga practices, including Surya Namaskar, Bridge, Cobra, Corpse, Dog,/Cat, Downward Dog, Forward Bend, Half Shoulderstand, Head to Knee, Mountain, Sit-Easy Position, Triangle, Warrior I, and Warrior II. 5-02

  5. Yoga - Surya Namaskar or Salute to the Sun (
      "It is considered as the best exercise for human body. Surya Namaskar consists of important Yogasanas and Pranayama."

      Editor's Note: The author warns that this exercise should be supervised by a skilled teacher. 9-04

  6. Yoga as Sport (
      "For the over-worked and anxiety-ridden, yoga can be a great way to relax. So just in case it becomes too relaxing, why not turn it into a competition we can stress about." 02-12


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