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  1. Johnson, Shaun (
      Provides a video of Shaun at home reviewing her accomplishments. 08-08

  1. Gymnastics in the USA (
      Provides news on U.S. gymnastics.

  1. Johnson, Shaun (ESPN)
      "After becoming America's fourth ever women's gymnastics world all-around champion in 2007, the then 15-year-old Shawn Johnson warned there would be more to come and switched her gaze firmly on the Beijing Olympics." 08-08

  2. Johnson, Shaun (USA Today)
      "A year ago she began an unbeaten streak by winning the American Cup in her first international meet at the senior level, the sport's top tier. Before that she was a rising star at the junior level, winning a 2006 junior national championship in all-around with a higher score than senior champion and fellow Olympic hopeful Nastia Liukin." 08-08

  3. Liukin, Nastia (
      "Nastia Liukin captured the Olympic gold medal in the all-around competition at the 2008 Beijing Olympics defeating teammate Shawn Johnson who finished in second. She added this medal to the family's trophy case exactly twenty years after her father captured two golds at the 1988 Seoul Olympics."

      Also includes video from the Michael Phelps win of his 7th gold medal by .01 second. 08-08


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