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  1. LED TV Features and Value (
      "It's definitely true that LED backlighting can cut down on power use, and some LED-backlit LCDs are, inch for inch, the most efficient flat panels available. On the flip-side, standard fluorescent backlighting is getting more efficient itself." 06-10

  2. LED TV Power Consumption (
      "Plasma TVs use more power than LCD TVs. In our tests of TVs since the beginning of 2008 plasmas consume, on average, roughly two to three times more electricity to produce an image of the same brightness as LCD. In the last couple of years, plasma TV makers have made some progress--Panasonic claims improvements of 30 percent yearly, for example--but they still can't compete with LCD for energy efficiency." 06-10

  3. LED TV Reviews (
      "Buying an LED is no small purchase. It is important to know what to look for when shopping for a new TV. Your TV says a lot about who you are. It is the most visible piece of your home theater system, and the only part that you actually see during your movie. While it is turned off it is very much a piece of your room’s décor. It is wise to consider these and other factors when selecting a new LED TV." 06-10

  4. LED TV Types (
      "A new innovation for 2010, currently available on select models from Samsung, LG and Sony. The idea is to allow some dimming of the screen in independent areas without having to place LEDs behind the LCD panel, just along the edge." 07-10


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